Why Germans Supported Adolf Hitler

Why Germans Supported Adolf Hitler

Germans supported Adolf Hitler because Reasons Germans supported Adolf Hitler because Hitler exploited German grievances from the Treaty Versailles after World War 1.

For instance, the Weimar Republic was required to pay up to $33 billion in war reparations to the Allies in addition to giving up its overseas colonies and surrendering Historically important German territory to Poland and France.

Furthermore, Germany’s Military capabilities were drastically reduced which effectively prevented Germany from re-arming.

As a result of the stress of paying reparations on the German Economy, the German Economy went into freefall with spiralling hyperinflation as 4 Billion Marks became equal to 1 Us Dollar towards the end of 1923.

It was in this chaotic atmosphere that Adolf Hitler emerged almost like a Prophet and gained the support of the German people by promising Germans a rebirth and return to the glory days before World War 1 and the Treaty of Versailles.

Hitler who was also a charismatic speaker and he garnered the support of ordinary Germans by criticising the weak Weimar Republic Government which had been unable to resolve the Economic crisis.

Adlolf Hitler was further able to gain more German support by promising a Utopian New People’s Republic or Volk built on the basis of a collective system of Government called National Socialism.

Germany’s problems were also blamed on Jews whom Hitler described as stab-in-the-back Traitors because according to the Nazi Party, Jews had been responsible for the defeat of Germany in World War 1 by convincing America to join World War 1 on the side of the Allies.

In addition, according to Hitler, Jews were also in control of the German Economy and they were acting against the interests of ordinary Germans in the pursuit of their own profits.

As a result, Hitler also proposed a system of Racial and Ethnic Cleansing that would eliminate all undesirables unworthy of life like Homosexuals, Jews and Slavs.

Despite a failed takeover of the German Government and a stint in Prison, by 1932, the NAZI Party was the majority political party in the German Parliament, and in January 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.

Hitler then began a campaign of domestic terror which saw him later assume the Titles Führer, Chancellor, and Commander In Chief Of The Army.

Adolf Hitler then began to fulfill his promise to the German people that had supported him by repudiating the Treaty Of Versailles starting with the re-armament of Germany and the reclaiming of lost German lands which began in 1938 with the annexation of Austria and then the Sudetenland in Czechoslvakia.

Ultimately Hitler’s annexation of Poland would lead to the outbreak of World War 2 and its atrocities including the Holocaust.


Adolph Hitler’s was by any standard clearly a Villain.

Nevertheless, despite the depravity of his actions, the German people supported Hitler even though he was a Villain because Adolf Hitler and the NAZI Party appealed to a new sense of German Nationalism that painted Germany as a victim of the machinations of domestic and international enemies.

The dire financial crises of the 1920s only made Hitler’s message more appealing to desperate Germans supported Adolf Hitler because Hitler exploited German grievances from the Treaty Versailles after World War 1.