Mass Country Album Proves AKA Is One Africa’s Best Music Producers

Mass Country Proves AKA Is One Africa's Best Music Producers

In a Tweet on 5 February 2023, South African Hip Hop Artist AKA, claimed that he was South African Hip Hop’s Best Music Producer.

After listening to his latest Album Mass Country it’s hard to disagree, because Mass Country proves that AKA is not just a rapper, but also one of Africa’s best Music Producers.

The sonic range on display on Mass Country provides a Blueprint for the future sound of both South African Hip Hop and contemporary African music as it takes over the world stage with the rise of Amapiano and Afrobeats

This is the sort of cultural impact AKA probably hoped for when he made the controversial Tweet claiming the title Best South African Hip Hop Producer.

Part of Mass Country’s appeal is the sincere effort AKA makes at broadening the sonic range of not just South African Hip Hop music, but African music in general.

The same goes for the Nasty C assisted “Lemonade” which samples the 1990s dance classic by Stardust Music Sounds Better With You.

These are all timeless songs in world music which AKA used aptly to create a timeless African Hip Hop album with a broad sonic range.

AKA also blends Hip Hop with African rhythms and melodies including Afrobeats and Amapiano giving the Album a very contemporary feel. 

AKA’s use of atmospheric pads, background vocal samples and Amapiano Log Drums adds depth and presence to the tracks.

What also makes AKA’s production on Mass Country stand out is how he manages to create a cohesive sound despite the varied styles of the Artists featured.

AKA’s Production ties everything together, creating a cohesive whole which is a testament to his skill as a Producer.

The instrumental on “Sponono” has a traditional African feel, with the use of percussive instruments and a catchy guitar riff creating a sense of African pride and celebration that pervades the entire album.

By the time Ámapiano featuring Laylizzy & Wearthrd  followed by Dangerous featuring Blxckie & Nadia Nakai, AKA’s Partner at the time of his death drop, Mass Country’s potency is obvious.

Throughout Mass Country, AKA’s Production choices are consistent but diverse, with each track showcasing his attention to detail and his ability to create a mood with his instrumentals.

“Company,” a collaboration with Kiddominant whom AKA also featured on Fela In Versace, a classic from his third album ‘Touch My Blood’ is a high-energy banger that’s perfect for the clubs.

AKA succeeds at turning each sample into something completely new, creating a sonic background that’s both familiar and fresh for the entirety of Mass Country. 

The collection of samples AKA uses in Mass Country also add a global sonic texture to the album, showcasing AKA’s ability to take inspiration from outside of Africa and make it his own.

For these reasons, with his latest album Mass Country, AKA proves that he is an exceptional Producer who is worthy of being recognised as one of Africa’s best Music Producers.