Ancient Masonic Symbols

Masonic ancient symbol Letter G

Freemasonry is an Organisation which began in the late 16th Century and built as a fraternity made up of separate independent Lodges.

Masonic symbols spell out the Rules Members swear to abide by as they are inducted into Membership during Masonic rituals according to Masonic principles.

Below are a number of very important Masonic symbols as well as their meaning:

The Ark of the Covenant 

Masonic ancient symbol ark of the covenant

The Ark of the Covenant is a symbol of God’s eternal Covenant with David.

The Ark is therefore the foundation for the establishment of Solomon’s Temple, and the Masonic Order in the first instance.

The Letter G 

Masonic ancient symbol Letter G

The Hebrew dialict in which the Bible was written is called Gheemel which also represents the No. 3 because the Letter G is the 3rd Letter in the Hebrew Alphabet.

As such, the letter G in Freemasonry represents the precision of God through Geometry.

The Masonic Altar

Masonic ancient symbol altar

The Masonic altar was initially a place of sacrifice, and communion with God.

Today, the Masonic altar, is the space which keeps the Holy Books within the Masonic Lodge and continues to be a sign of communion with God.

The Masonic Star 

Ancient Masonic Blazing Star

The Masonic Blazing Star felects on the splendour and terrifying nature of God when he gave the 10 Commandments the Ten Commandment Tablets to Moses revealing his frightening glory. 

The Masonic Lamb

Masonic ancient symbol lambskin

The lamb is a sign of purity as well as innocence.

For this reason, a Freemason’s Apron must be produced of lambskin. In the higher Degrees, the lamb is also a sign of Jesus Christ.

The Masonic Square

Ancient Symbols Masonic Square

The Square and Compasses are used by Architects and in Masonic ritual they are used as tools to transmit symbolic spiritual lessons.

The Masonic Eye

Ancient Masonic all seeing eye

The Masonic Eye is symbolic of the Eye of God.

It’s the sign of the divine omnipresence of God.

The Keystone:

Ancient Masonic Symnbols Keystone

The Keystone is the central stone placed to finish the building of an arch and which holds an Arch in position.

Its therefore one of the most significant Masonic symbols with roots in the role played by Freemason Guilds in Architecture and Construction in the Middle Ages.

Freemasonry continues to attract interest with some of symbolism viewed as Occult.

In Freemasonry: Tracking The Code the Occult symbolism of Freemasonry is investigated.


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