The Mars Anomalies

The Mars Anomalies

A group of Anomalies on Mars commonly referred to as the Mars Anomalies have been observed on Mars since the successful fly by of the Mariner 4 Spacecraft a little over 50 years ago which provided some detailed close-up images of the Red Planet providing the first glimpse of the Mars Anomalies.

The Mars Anomalies started with NASA’s discovery of what may be evidence of living vegetation in aerial photos of terrain quite similar to earth’s deserts which appears to be dotted with shrubs.

Although NASA doesn’t agree, that its images showed any Mars Anomalies, a Hungarian research team which has been analyzing the photos and other photos of the same area has concluded that the black dots on the photos are living organisms showing signs of the lifecycle of some kind of plant life which could regarded as a Mars Anomaly. 

Another image shows a ribbed tube or tunnel like structure partially covered by surface terrain was also viewed as yet another of the Mars Anomalies.

The structure was considered a Mars Anomaly because it looks as though it has been exposed by some geologic process, and resembles the so-called glass worms discovered in other photos.

In addition, ‘The Tower’ structure as it has become known as one of the Mars Anomalies seems to show a tall tower or stack with a white tip casting a long shadow. If it is indeed a tower of some kind, then it stands at an incredible 6.3 kilometers high.

This is 12 times taller than the largest skyscraper on earth. 

The Cydonia region of Mars also seems to be full of Mars Anomalies.

These Mars Anomalies include the infamous face as well as a group of features that have been called the Mars Pyramids with their relatively smooth Triangular sides which bear a close to the Pyramids at Giza.

Another intriguing of the Mars Anomalies formations is the D&M Pyramid formation which has been called the ‘Star City’.

It’s a complex structure that some researchers say shows walls of artificial construction, and is part of a large area of the Mars Anomalies consisting of strange patterns and geometric objects.

According to NASA however, these structures are not Mars Anomalies because they most likely have a natural origin.

The Mars Curiosity Rover has also sent photos of what looks like another of the Mars Anomalies in the shape of human finger complete with fingernails. Some have suggested that it’s a fossilized finger from a Martian or a broken off finger from a Martian statue.

Perhaps the most notorious of all the Mars anomalies is the face of Cydonia because of its resemblance to a human face.

As it stands however, NASA has disavowed any unnatural explanation for the Mars Anomalies and we can only hope for more clarity on the Mars Anomalies from future missions to Mars.