Egyptian Kemetic Origins Of Dogon Cosmology

Sumerian Anunnaki Gods Egyptian Dogon Tribe Mali
Members of the Dogon Tribe in dance costumes, including headdresses, Mopti Region, Mali.
The links between Mali's Dogon Tribe and Ancient Egypt suggest past interaction with the Ancient Anunnaki Alien Civilization in Egypt

Dogon Cosmology reveals an understanding of the Sirius Star System that connects it to Ancient Egypt.

In this regard, Dogon traditions and history reveal a remarkable understanding of Astronomy and the Sirius Star System that far exceeds the capabilities of the Dogon Tribe’s basic technology in Mali and suggest a connection between the Dogon and Ancient Egypt because Dogon Cosmology on the Sirius Star system is similar to that displayed by the Ancient Egyptians in the Dendera Zodiac.

Dogon Cosmology on the Orion Belt Constellation and Sirius Star System also cannot be comprehended unless one accepts the Dogon’s own explanation for this knowledge and connects it to the much more Ancient Astronomical Knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians of Kemet who built the Pyramids based on Astronomical knowledge by aligning the Giza Pyramids with Orion’s Belt circa 2 500 BCE.

The Cosmology of the Dogon was already recorded in stone by the Ancient Egyptians in the Dendera Zodiac which is the world’s oldest Zodiac dating back possibly to 7000 BCE.¬†

The Dogon thus regard themselves as Custodians of this Ancient, invaluable and venerable Cosmology.

In essence, Dogon Cosmology mirrors that of Ancient Egypt.

This is particularly the case with reference to the Sirius Star system as mankind’s true spiritual destiny, and home of the Creator.


Dogon Cosmology may therefore be evidence of the link and culture shared between Ancient Kemet and other African Nations that developed out of the Kemetic Civilization of the Nile Valley Culture that gave birth to Ancient Egypt.