Kevin Samuels, Misogyny & The High Value Man

Kevin Samuels, Misogyny & The High Value Man

Kevin Samuels’ recent death has caused as much if not more controversy than during the latter part of his life as host of his own YouTube Channel.

Both Kevin and his Channel became a Manosphere phenomenon whilst rising to infamy as Kevin Samuels was accused of Misogyny at the same time blazing a trail with his concept of the High Value Man reaching deep into the heart of the gender wars.

Many women and men alike have joined the chorus of voices condemning Kevin Samuels as a Misogynist similarly levelling harsh criticism of Kevin Samuels’ concept of the High Value Man.

Was Kevin Samuels A Misogynist?

In order to determine whether Kevin Samuels was a Misogynist or not, we must go to the heart of Kevin’s message.

Ultimately, Kevin Samuels stands out because he had the temerity to advocate that Men had intrinsic value that was not assigned to them by women.

In addition, he asserted that just like any other Men, Black Men could also be considered high value men.

The charges of Misogyny levelled at Kevin Samuels stem from the fact that Kevin Samuels dared to suggest that in order to preserve and enhance their own intrinsic masculine value which includes external value like money, Men need to and should hold women accountable for actions that undermine their value as Men.

As a result women, including black women needed to acknowledge and respect the intrinsic value of all Men especially if they want to have fruitful and successful relationships with them.

Kevin did not think it was his responsibility to deliver this message in a way that was particularly palatable to the scores of women that called in to his show asking his opinion. 


Based on his message, Kevin Samuels was not a Misogynist, and his contributions like the concept of the High Value Man are products of the current gender wars which can be viewed as a firm rebuttal to the kind of toxic feminism we have observed in the Amber Heard Trial and Will Smith Oscars scandal.

Despite the popular current wave condemning Kevin Samuels as a Misogynist, ultimately Kevin Samuels will be remembered as an important Cultural Critic of the culture wars representing the spread of the Red Pill.