The Importance of Afrocentric History

Is Afrocentrism Racist Propaganda?

According to Scholars like Dr Molefi Kete Asante, Afrocentrism is important because when it is properly understood, Afrocentrism is a model of Ancient World History with its origins in Empirical studies starting with Ancient Greek and Roman literature from Greek Historians like Herodotus who provide eyewitness accounts of Kemetic Civilization recording the role of Ancient Africans in world Civilization before the Colonisation of Africa.

The importance of Afrocentrism therefore lies in the re-interpretation of World History based on Empirical Ancient Literary Texts coupled with standard Scientific methods like Anthropology, Linguistics, Archaeology and Genetics.

Notable Afrocentric Scholars who have contributed to Afrocentric History include Chiekh Anta DiopDr Ivan Van SertimaDr Clyde WintersDr Yosef Ben JochannanDr Theophile ObengaDr Frances Cress Welsing and Professor Kaba Kamene.

Some of the most significant propositions made by Afrocentric Scholars in support of Afrocentrism are that: 

i) Egypt (Kemet) was a Black Civilization;

ii) Writing was invented circa 3 400 BC by the Black Nubian Africans who established Egypt’s First Dynasty

iii) Early Europe was first inhabited by Africans;

iv) The First Americans were Black Africans who were the first to settle the Americas before the arrival of Mongoloid Indians circa 6000BC and Christpoher Columbus.

From this perspective, the importance of Afrocentrism is in that Afrocentrism seeks to alter the narrative of Ancient World History where it is correct to do so by recognising the role played by Africans in the development of world Civilization where evidence suggests that current theories should be revised because they are not consistent with the available objective evidence.

Below is a list of some Afrocentric Books:

  1. Afrocentricity (Dr Molefi K Aasante);
  2. Africa Mother Of Western Civilization (Dr Ben);
  3. African Origins Of Civilization: Myth Or Reality (C A Diop)
  4. Civilization Or Barbarism (C A Diop)
  5. Stolen Legacy (G James)
  6. Destruction Of Black Civilization (C Williams)
  7. Spirituality Before Religion (Kaba Kamene)
  8. They Came Before Columbus (Dr Ivan Van Sertima)
  9. Black Genesis (R Buaval)
  10. When We Ruled (R Walker).

The Importance Of Afrocentrism For Black Self-Esteem

Furthermore, another important aspect of Afrocentrism lies in the realm of Black Psychology and self-esteem.

According to Psychiatrist Professor Amos Wilson in The Falsifcation Of Afrikan Consciousness: Eurocentric History & The Politics Of White Supremacy accurate Historical memory is critical to individual and collective self-esteem.

For this reason, Afrocentrism is important for Black people to develop a complete self-concept both as individuals and collectively, through a more accurate reflection of themselves as Historical actors with Agency.

Professor Wilson goes on to state that the current state of affairs distorts Black History and negatively affects the self-esteem of Black people individually and collectively by acting as a mechanism for the perpetuation of White Supremacy and White Fragility.

Thus Afrocentrism  is important a means of restoring lost Black History and self-esteem caused by distorted Historical narratives.


In the final analysis, Afrocentrism is important because it is fundamentally an attempt to rewrite Africans into world History where it is factually correct to do so in order to reflect true Ancient Historical realities.