Egyptian Legacy Of Imhotep The African

Egyptian Legacy Of Imhotep The African

In his Book, Imhotep The African: Architect Of The Cosmos, Robert Buaval contends that the Imhotep the Egyptian Architect who built the Giza Pyramids was a Black African.

Imhotep the Black African is the first Architect and Physician known by name to written history. According to Ancient Egyptian tradition, he was the son of Ptah, the Founding God of Egypt. 

The 3 Great Pyramids at Giza which still survive as a wonder of the Ancient World are regarded as the Black Imhotep’s greatest achievement.

Egyptian Legacy Of Imhotep The African

Imhotep the Black African is also credited as the founder of Egyptian medicine and wisdom, and the following is a full list of Imhotep the  Black African’s Titles:

  • Chancellor of the King of Lower Egypt,
  • First after the King of Upper Egypt,
  • Administrator of the Great Palace,
  • Hereditary Nobleman,
  • High Priest of Heliopolis, Builder,
  • Sculptor and Maker of Vases in Chief.

According to Robert Buaval’s The Orion Mystery, Imhotep as a Black African also served as High Priest of the Egyptian Pantheon at the Cult Centre of Annu or Heliopolis as it was later called by the Greeks.

Egyptian Legacy Of Imhotep The African

Imhotep: Anunnaki God?

According to Zechariah Sitchin and Ancient Astronaut Theorists, Imhotep is actually Ningshiidza, Son of of the Anunnaki God Enki, who is known by the name Ptah in the Egyptian Pantheon.

The complex Mathematical, Engineering and Astronomical knowledge required to construct the Giza Pyramid Complex is attributed to this Anunnaki heritage.

However, the Giza Pyramids appear to have developed gradually from the first imperfect pyramids at Saqqara and were not a one-off construction by a superior Civilization that was already able to traverse inter-stellar space.

For this reason, its likely that the Giza Pyramids were built by the Egyptians themselves using the knowledge provided by Imhotep the African.

In the books Imhotep The African: Architect of The Cosmos and Black Genesis the construction of the Giza Pyramid to Imhotep the Black African who was the visionary responsible for the innovations that eventually led to the construction of the Giza Pyramids.

Robert Buaval expressly argues that the Egyptian Civilization including Imhotep himself was a Black Civilization, and for these reasons, I’m more inclined to accept that the Pyramids were built by Humans, and in particular the Black Egyptian Civilization to which Imhotep the African belonged.

Imhotep The African

Robert Bauval: Egypt’s Black Genesis Lecture

Ancient Astronaut Perspective


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