Ikenga Chronicles Novel Theme Song Out Now

Ogun Ra's Road To Adwa Ikenga Chronicles Theme Song from the Novel Ikenga Chronicles

Road To Adwa, the Theme Song to our African Futurism Novel Ikenga Chronicles out now on  Amazon via Kindle and Paperback  has been released on all music streaming Platforms. 

Ikenga Chronicles by Ogun Ra aims to be a riveting work of African Futurism which presents the colonization and de-colonization of Africa as an Alien invasion.

Ikenga Chronicles is an adaptation of African Mythology in the form of a 3 part story exploring different Themes in the progression of the Ikenga from a Pre-Colonial, Colonial and Post-Colonial people.

Road To Adwa, by OgunRa Featuring BA7 is a pulsating Hip Hop track referencing Ancient African History and Mythology.

Road To Adwa is inspired by a Chapter of the same title from the Ikenga Chronicles Novel.