How to Enjoy CBD Pre-Rolls to a Maximum?

How to Enjoy CBD Pre-Rolls to a Maximum?

Tips for Enjoying CBD Pre-Rolls

Since the moment of hemp’s removal from the controlled substances list, the American market has boomed with the diversity of CBD-enriched products. The healing power of CBD has been well-understood for centuries. Still, the main bummer among users was the intoxicating effect of THC that came inseparably with CBD in the process of marijuana consumption. Hemp’s industrial cultivation, coupled with the innovative technology of CBD extraction, has changed things, allowing people to enjoy CBD without the risks of getting high. 

Hemp is a variety of cannabis that grows exactly the same way as marijuana does. Therefore, people who want to enjoy anxiety relief, pain management, and better sleep can smoke the hemp flower, also referred to as CBD flower, without any intoxication. This method has given rise to the market niche of CBD pre-rolls – a consumption method that most smokers will love. Here we tell about the best ways to enjoy pre-rolls, choosing the best CBD CBG pre rolls for an energy boost or CBD-only pre-rolls for relaxation, and getting maximum value from this product. 

How to Smoke a Pre-Roll with Maximum Pleasure? A Step-by-Step Guide 

Smoking weed is a centuries-long practice many recreational and medicinal users have been indulging in. Modern smoking routines haven’t changed much, but there are some pro tips to get the most out of your CBD pre-roll and make the process way more enjoyable. 

#1 Find an Appropriate Location 

The first thing to take care of is an appropriate, private location where you will enjoy the process without distraction or disapproval. The times when it was okay to light up a cigarette or joint anywhere are long gone, and most public places are smoke-free zones. So, if you don’t want to smoke around the corner, somewhere next to a trash container, it’s better to think of the place in advance. You should be sure the smell of CBD smoke won’t trouble anyone, causing unnecessary attention that may spoil the moment. 

#2 Use a Lighter 

Though using matches is also fine and won’t cause a serious worsening in the user experience, you may still want to enjoy the lighting moment to the fullest. In this case, it’s better to use a lighter, as it allows keeping the fire on for a couple of seconds so that the pre-roll’s tip roasts well. It is an essential stage at the beginning of pre-roll smoking, as it helps you avoid inhaling the paper’s remnants and starting on a bad note. 

#3 Don’t Puff before Roasting the Tip Well 

Everyone who has ever seen a pre-roll knows that the CBD flower content must be sealed somehow to avoid falling out of the rolled paper. That tip contains much excess paper that keeps the CBD flower inside, and inhaling the smoke right at the moment of lighting the pre-roll is a bad idea, as it will expose your lungs to burnt paper only. Experienced pre-roll smokers advise waiting for a couple of seconds until the tip roasts well and the paper disappears, puffing the pre-roll afterwards to enjoy the burning CBD flower instead of the bitter, harmful paper smoke. 

#4 Inhale Slowly 

The art of inhaling CBD flower smoke is also a point you need to master to derive maximum value from your pre-roll. Based on the principles of physiology and chemistry, CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream directly in the lungs, so the smoke needs to reach your alveoli to produce maximum effects on your health. You can achieve maximum CBD bioavailability by taking a slow inhalation from the pre-roll first and then taking a deep breath of fresh air afterwards, thus pushing the CBD smoke deeper into the lungs. If you use this technique, your pre-roll will do much better for your stress or anxiety; otherwise, you may waste the majority of beneficial cannabinoids into the air. 

#5 Rorate the Pre-Roll 

Another trick for getting the most CBD content from your pre-roll is to rotate it in your fingers during smoking. This technique will allow you to avoid seeing one side of the pre-roll burn faster than the others, which can urge you to finish the smoking process prematurely. 

#6 Dispose of the Pre-Roll Responsibly 

Safe and responsible cig-end disposal is the final point to consider during pre-roll enjoyment. You should throw the stump into the trash bin only after ensuring it’s fully put out and does not cause any fire risks. This way, you will avoid costly fines and emergencies, which is also part and parcel of an enjoyable smoking experience. 

#7 Avoid Overdosing 

Another vital tip to remember is to use as much pre-roll as you need to calm down and relax or feel an energy boost. Unlike regular cigarettes, CBD pre-rolls contain cannabidiol, which can cause unpleasant side effects if consumed in huge doses. Thus, you should be careful with CBD smoking, especially if you’re doing this for the first time and don’t know your organism’s tolerance level. 

#8 Choose Quality Products 

The quality of your experience directly depends on the quality of the pre-roll you’re smoking. Many manufacturers resort to unethical production methods to reduce expenditures and increase profit margins. However, the end user is a typical victim of such tricks, and you may feel bad or develop a lung disease when smoking substandard or contaminated hemp flowers. To avoid such risks, you should buy pre-rolls only from trusted brands and do that in licensed dispensaries. This way, you will know for sure that you’re buying clean, quality products and that you know where to turn with legal claims. 

#9 Know Your CBD Needs and Expectations 

The final point we’d like to emphasize is understanding your CBD use expectations. Cannabidiol is a compound with versatile effects, ranging from invigoration to potent relaxation. Thus, it would be best to choose CBD pre-rolls concerning your health needs; you may need high CBD concentrations to relax and unwind, while a small amount of CBD will get you up and running in the morning. 

Safe CBD Pre-Roll Usage Is the Clue to Maximum Enjoyment 

Here you go with the safe and beneficial CBD pre-roll consumption tips. Keep to these recommendations, and your next CBD pre-roll will deliver more pleasure and health effects than expected. 

The author of this article is Lana Braslavska, a full-time blogger at AskGrowers with a passion for cannabis research. Lana shares her tips for safe and effective CBD product use and enlightens customers on all nuances of CBD product selection. She believes that many health issues can be addressed with CBD, making people closer to this remedy with expert recommendations and guides.