How The Old Kingdom Egyptian Pyramids Were Built

How Pyramids Of Egypt Were Built

The construction of the Egyptian Pyramids during the Old Kingdom Pyramid Age can be traced back to a process that began in the Nile Valley during the earliest days of Pre-Dynastic Kemetic Civilization.

The Old Kingdom Pyramid Age is generally accepted to have begun around 2686 BCE with the reign of Pharaoh Djoser of the Third Dynasty and lasted until around 2181 BCE, the end of the Sixth Dynasty.

Therefore, the Pyramid Age of the Old Kingdom in Kemet spanned approximately five centuries, lasting for around 505 years.

Burial of Pre-Dynastic Kings was first done in simple Oval Pit Tombs of the Anu Peoples who were the earliest settlers in the Nile Valley in which the King was buried in the foetal position, possibly to represent his coming rebirth amongst the Ancestors.

The development of Pyramids in Ancient Egypt in the Old Kingdom Pyramid Age was therefore a gradual process that started with the Pit Burial Tombs in Pre-Dynastic Egypt, and advanced to single-storey Burial Chambers such as the Mastaba at Beit Khallaf dating back to around 2650 BC.

Mastaba Why The Pyramids Of Egypt Were Built

From there, the Egyptians continued to refine their Pyramid building techniques, progressing to multi-level Pyramid-shaped complexes such as Djoser’s Step Pyramid at Saqqara, and the Bent Pyramid and Red Pyramid built by Sneferu.

Finally, the Egyptians achieved their greatest achievement in Pyramid building with the construction of the Giza Pyramid complex, which demonstrated just how far the Egyptians had come in their building techniques since the days of Pit Burial Chambers.

The purpose of the Pyramids was linked directly to Ancient Egyptian Kemetic Spirituality, with the rebirth or ascension of the Pharaoh/King as an Ancestor being a central aspect of their beliefs. The building of the Pyramids was intended to create more elaborate and secure vessels for the ascension of the King’s Spirit or Ka.

The Egyptians learned to build Pyramids during the Old Kingdom Pyramid Age through a significant experimental learning process based on Mathematical and Engineering knowledge learned from building earlier Burial Chambers.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the knowledge to build the Pyramids did not come from Aliens, but was a product of Egyptian resilience and ingenuity over a period of time.

In conclusion, the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids during the Old Kingdom Pyramid Age was a gradual process that began during Pre-Dynastic Egypt.

The knowledge acquired by the Egyptians as they learned how to build from different Pyramids during the Old Kingdom Pyramid Age is what enabled the Egyptians to build the Giza Pyramids which marked the highest point of Egyptian Civilization in Kemet, one of Africa’s greatest contributions to world civilization.