How The Nile Valley Was Created

How The Nile Valley Was Created

The Nile Valley gave birth to the Ancient Egyptian Civilization of Kemet.

But how was the Nile Valley created? In this entry, we explore how the Nile Valley was created. 

The Nile Valley is a long, narrow stretch of land running along the Nile River in North East Africa that was created when the Arabian and Nubian plates collided millions of years ago. 

The Arabian and Nubian Plate continue to move north and south respectively.

The Nubian and Arabian Plates that collided to create the Nile Valley move 2.5 centimeters towards each other every year.


The creation of the Nile Valley was a geographical event that started millions of years ago and the process continues to this day as the Nile river sculpts the landscape as it flows towards the Delta.