Why Africa Is 3 Billion Years Old

How Old Is Africa

How Old Is Africa?

How old is Africa, really?

The geological evidence suggests that Africa is at least 3 billion years old based on the Rocks found in the Nubian Desert. 

How old is the continent of Africa?

At about 30.3 million km2 (11.7 million square miles) including adjacent islands, Africa covers 6% of the Earth’s total surface area and 20% of its land area. With 1.3 billion people as of 2018, it accounts for about 16% of the world’s human population.

There is evidence that humans have lived in Africa for over 2 million years, which makes Africa the cradle of humankind

How old are the oldest rocks in Africa?

The oldest rocks in Africa are more than 3 billion years old. These rocks are found in the Nubian Desert, in the northeastern part of the continent. The Nubian Desert is also home to some of the oldest fossils in the world, including those of early humans.

How old are the oldest human remains found in Africa?

The oldest human remains found in Africa date back to around 200,000 years ago. These remains were found in Ethiopia and they belong to a species of early humans called Homo Sapiens.

There are also remains of other early human species that have been found in Africa, but the dates for these are not as well-established. For example, there are fossils of Homo erectus that have been found in South Africa and they are thought to be around 2 million years old.

It is believed that the first Homo sapiens appeared in Africa around 300,000 years ago. From here, they began to migrate to other parts of the world.

The first modern humans to leave Africa were probably those who crossed the Red Sea into Arabia about 125,000 years ago.

What does the history of Africa tell us about its age?

As stated above, the history of Africa suggests that Africa is at least 3 billion years old based on the Rocks found in the Nubian Desert.

Here are a few things about the history of Africa that can also help explain how old Africa is:

1. The first human beings were thought to have originated in Africa.

2. The African continent is thought to be the birthplace of civilization.

3. Some of the oldest civilizations in the world were found in Africa, including Ancient Egypt and Nubia.

4. Africa has a rich cultural heritage that spans centuries.

5. The Geological evidence suggests that Africa is Billion of years old.


In endeavouring to answer the riddle of how old Africa is, we have discovered that Africa is the world’s oldest continent since Africa’s age dates back millions of years as the birthplace of mankind and Civilization.

Furthermore, the geological evidence suggests that before the era of Human occupation, Africa’s history dates back 3 billion years.