How Long Colonisation Lasted In Africa

How Long Was Africa Colonised?

How Long Was Africa Colonised

Africa was colonised by European powers for approximately 100 years. 

Colonisation of Africa

The colonisation of Africa for a period that lasted 100 years began in earnest in the late 1800s, although some African areas were colonised earlier.

The colonisation process was gradual, with different European countries claiming various parts of the continent. It was not until the late 19th century that Africa was completely under colonial rule.

The reasons for the colonisation of Africa for a period of 100 years were varied.

Some European countries saw the Colonisation of Africa as a way to spread Christianity, while others wanted to use Colonisation to exploit the continent’s rich natural resources. 

African colonies were ruthlessly exploited for the 100 year period that Colonisation lasted in Africa.

Decolonisation of Africa

Many factors contributed to the decolonisation of Africa after 100 years of Colonisation by European Powers.

First and foremost was the growing sense of nationalism amongst the African people. This was fuelled by a number of things, including the growth of education and awareness of what was happening in other parts of the world.

Secondly, there were a number of external factors that played a role in the decolonisation process. The most important of these were the two world wars, which weakened Europe’s hold on its colonies and made it easier for African countries to gain their independence.


Based on the length of time between the era of early European exploration of Africa leading up to the establishment of Colonial rule in Africa the late 1800s and the independence of the majority of African countries into the late 20th Century, it can be said that Africa was colonised for approximately 100 years.