The Hollow Earth UFO Conspiracy

Hollow Earth

Project Paper Clip & NAZI UFOs

Hollow Earth (Agartha)

Agarta is a legendary city that is said to be located in the Earth’s core.

German Occult groups like the Thule and Vriel Societies believed Agarta was a vast complex of underground caves housing powerful Spiritual entities.

Hitler & The Occult: Hollow Earth & Antarctica Connection

The NAZI Party received a lot of support and sponsorship from Occult Groups like the Thule Secret Society…In-fact, Hitler adopted the Thule Society’s ‘Swastika’ symbol as the now infamous NAZI Party Emblem.

The Thule and Vril Societies engaged in channeling Spirit Mediums to connect with Extraterrestrials from different Star Systems in order to obtain advanced knowledge such as how to build advanced technologies like Anti-gravity Engines.

From these channeling sessions, its believed German engineers and scientists obtained the knowledge required to build flying saucers and UFO Spacecraft.

In search of more advanced knowledge of Alien origin, the Germans explored the globe going as far as Antarctica.

An example of one of these NAZI Occult missions is depicted in the opening scene of one of my fav Comic based Movies, ‘Hellboy’ which shows a NAZI Occult Mission that results in a Portal being opened in which Hellboy crosses over from another dimension.

Project Paperclip & Byrd Expedition

Shortly after World War II, US intelligence launched, ‘Project Paperclip’ which recruited German Scientists and Engineers involved in Secret NAZI Projects because the US had learned of Germany’s secret advanced technology projects in the course of World War 2.

An expedition to Antarctica led by Admiral Richard Byrd called ‘Operation Highjump’ was also launched in order to locate secret NAZI bases and weapons.

Close to 2 months passed without any discoveries being made until the Byrd expedition was suddenly attacked by a military force possessing weapons and power not yet witnessed in war as flying saucers emerged from the waters sinking 3 US Ships.

This encounter convinced US Intelligence that it was possible to navigate the Earth from one end to the other using a hollow passageway which had probably been used to launch the surprise attack.

Origins Of Hollow Earth Presence: KT Extinction Event & Outer Space

Its been speculated that an underground Earth Civilization may possibly exist, and this could be made up of unknown Reptilian Dinosaur survivors of the KT Extinction Event about 65 and a half million years ago when Dinosaurs were made extinct after the Earth’s collision with an Asteroid.

Alternatively, the inhabitants of Hollow Earth could have originated from Outer Space, established a colony and settled there.

The mystery of Agharta continues and the Documentary Majestic 12 explores the possibility of NAZI occult projects and American involvement after World War 2.