Hitler & The Indo-European Aryan Myth

Hitler, The NAZIS and the Indo-European Aryan Myth

Hitler, The NAZIS and the Indo-European Aryan Myth

Adolf Hitler infamously is remembered for his belief in the notion that the original Indo-European Aryan race were a “superior” people who should be worshipped and emulated.

The ideal Indo-European Man idea became central to Nazi ideology, and its pernicious effects on European society continue to be felt today.

In this entry, we will examine the origins of the Indo-European Aryan myth and trace its trajectory from Hitler’s rise to power through to its present day implications. We will also explore some of the efforts to combat this dangerous legacy.

The Indo-European Aryan Myth

The Indo-European Aryan myth is a racial theory that was popularized in the late 19th century by European scholars. This theory posits that the Aryans, a hypothetical group of people who spoke an Indo-European language, were the original inhabitants of Europe and Asia.

This theory was based purely on linguistics and there is no scientific evidence to support this theory that a powerful civilization of Aryan speaking people once existed.

Today, the Indo-European Aryan Theory has been debunked by modern historians and archaeologists.

Despite this, the Indo-European Aryan myth continued to be popular among certain groups in Europe, including the Nazis.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party used this myth to justify their belief in racial superiority and their policies of segregation, discrimination, and ultimately genocide.

The NAZIs and the Aryan Race

The Indo-European Aryan myth was a central tenet of Nazi ideology. Hitler and the Nazis believed that the Aryan race was a master race that was destined to rule the world. The Nazis also believed that the Jewish people were an inferior race that needed to be exterminated.

The Nazis used the Indo-European Aryan myth to justify their horrific actions during the Holocaust. They believed that they were doing what was necessary to create a pure Aryan race. The Nazis also used the myth to try to create an alliance with other countries that had Indo-European roots, like Japan and Italy.

The reality is that there is no scientific basis for the Indo-European Aryan myth. It is a completely fictional construct that was created by racist pseudo-scientists in the 19th century. Hitler and the Nazis twisted this myth to suit their own twisted ideology.

Hitler and the Aryan Race

The “Aryan Race” was a term used in the 19th century to refer to peoples who were thought to be of Indo-European descent. The term was originally used by anthropologists and linguists, but it gained popularity after being adopted by racial theorists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These theorists believed that there was a biological basis for racial differences, and that the Aryans were a superior race.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party were strongly influenced by these ideas. Hitler believed that the German people were part of the Aryan race, and he saw them as having a special mission in the world. The Nazis sought to create a racially pure society, and they saw the Jews as an alien force that had to be eradicated. This led to the horrific genocide of millions of Jews during World War II.

The Fall of the Third Reich

The Third Reich was one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes in history. Millions were killed or imprisoned, and the country was plunged into a state of economic ruin. The regime finally collapsed in 1945, after a long and bloody battle against the Allied forces.

What caused the fall of the Third Reich? There are many factors that contributed to its demise. One major factor was the increasing opposition from within Germany itself. As the war dragged on, more and more Germans began to question the policies of the Nazi regime. Another factor was the increasing pressure from the Allied forces. The Allies were slowly but surely gaining ground, and they eventually surrounded Germany completely, cutting off all supplies and communication.

Finally, Hitler himself was a major factor in the fall of his own regime. His mental health deteriorated rapidly towards the end of the war, and he became increasingly paranoid and erratic in his decision-making. He made some disastrous decisions that ultimately led to Germany’s defeat, such as ordering a massive attack on Soviet forces at a time when they were already stretched thin fighting elsewhere.

The fall of the Third Reich was a complex event with many causes. But ultimately, it was Hitler’s own actions that sealed Germany’s fate and led to its eventual collapse.


The Indo-European Aryan Myth set the stage for Hitler and his NAZIs to justify their actions and to push an agenda of racial superiority.

While the Indo-European myth was disproven, it still serves as a reminder of how pernicious Theories such as the Indo-European Hypothesis based entirely on Linguistics and unsupported by actual Archaeological evidence can be.