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                                                                       Chapter 7

                                                                  *The Mwari Cult*

“Instead of Teleporting, I’ll walk to the Citadel instead today. This unrest from the Outer Planets will be the end of the Federation if the Kingu Government doesn’t resolve it, but the thought of the Federation even ending seems absurd.”

The unfamiliar tension in the air told Tindo that whether he liked it or not, he would have all the answers to his questions by the end of the day. As he approached the Citadel, his thoughts were suddenly interrupted by an urgent, loud female voice which was drowning out everything else around it.

A small crowd and what appeared to be a band of disciples all dressed in white were gathered around a woman speaking atop the Kingu Plaza, right opposite the Kingu Central Citadel Building. She looked slightly younger than Tindo, but her face and radiant brown eyes betrayed the presence of an Ancient Soul, giving her an aura of wisdom beyond her age.

Tindo nudged through the crowd and drew closer so he could hear what the excitement was all about.

“The Olden Gods and ways refuse to be forgotten! Children of Kingu, the Gods of your Ancestors weep for you. Its time once again to sing the Ancient Songs in the Sacred Shrines which stand deserted and abandoned without your lofty praises and offerings.

Behold the Ancestors of Kingu have sent us to gather you once again into the Sacred Shrines so you can sing priaises to them as their Children, so they can delight in them as your Parentsll!!”, she shouted with a hysterical joy.

The words pierced through the crowd which stood transfixed, latching onto every word.

“If the Gods care about so much why have they left us to suffer for so long under the Juluka?”, a firm skeptical voice blurted from the crowd. The crowd nodded and murmured in agreement.

She didn’t even acknowledge the question and continued, “I tell you that the moment of deliverance is at hand, and The Elected sent by the Olden Gods to free you from the yoke of the Juluka stands amongst us at this very moment!!!”.

The crowd stirred, and fell silent as they vigorously scanned one another.

“Point him or her out to us if what you say is true!”

The skeptic spoke out once again, but this time the crowd was less interested.

She continued as she surveyed the crowd until she locked eyes with Tindo, and broke into what appeared to be a brief endearing smile.

“I will not point out The Elected here, for the time is not yet ripe, but soon all will be revealed.

I came here to deliver a message to The Elected and it is this:

In your sleep have the things that must come to pass been revealed, and you must not be afraid.

We are here to help and guide you in the work that must be done to free the people from the Juluka”, she continued with her eyes firmly fixed on Tindo.

“As we were Born and raised in each of the Sacred Shrines, we have never been connected to the Juluka Mainframe like you. In the outskirts of the City, far out in the Zig Ore Fields and free from the Juluka’s leash is the place we call home. You must come to us now”.

By now Citadel Security Marshalls had been dispatched to break up the illegal gathering, and as they approached the crowd she let out a final desperate scream telling the people not to lose hope, and soon disappeared amongst the crowd.

By the time the Citadel Security detail arrived, the woman and her band of followers were gone, and the crowd began to disperse.                                                          

Thick dust clouds rose to cover her helmet and wings as Nongqawuse’s Zigpowered Hoverbird sped across the hot, flat desert plains on the Outer badlands beyond the Kingu Citadel towards the Zig Ore Mines which were located on the far reaches of the Citadel, at the end of which lay the main Spaceport used to transport the mined Zig Ore.

It was to this desolate wasteland that the Mwari Cult, the Religious Order that had controlled the appointment of Akan Kings before the Juluka conquest had retreated since the Juluka Conquest of Kingu.

In the meantime, the Mwari Cult had found ways to keep some of the Ancient Akan Beliefs and Rituals alive by passing on the Ancient Akan Wisdom to selected elders within resistance cells spread across the various Juluka Colonies that were now part of the Kingu Federation.

With the Juluka conquest, the Mwari Cult Order had fundamentally lost Spiritual power and control of the Federation Planets.  The loss to the Juluka at the battle of Maji Maji Station had humiliated the Mwari Cult after it had failed to deliver the Juluka Invaders into the hands of the indigenous peoples of the Kingu Federation as promised by an Ancient Akan Prophecy.

After the defeat, the Mwari Cult had been forced to submit, and it had collaborated with the Juluka by carrying out the annual Ceremonial blessing of the Akan Mambo appointed to represent the Akan in the Juluka Federation Council at the Citadel. They were also responsible for administering the Oath to, and swearing in each new Juluka Lord appointed to administer the Kingu Federation territory.

Now under the leadership of Menelik, the Mwari Order had thrived as a vassal of the Juluka but memories of its past glory days as Spiritual Leader of Kingu always lingered and were never forgotten.