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Kingu Chronicles is an African futurism Novella that examines the role that the forgotten knowledge and technology developed in Africa’s lost Ancient Civilization of Kemet can be the key to Afrikans (Black people in Africa and the diaspora) achieving Political and Economic independence today.

Part 1: Gods Of Juluka is set on Planet Kingu in the year 2134.

Planet Kingu is home to the Akan people who have been Colonised by The Juluka, an inter-Planetary species from the Planet Juluka.

The conditions on the Planet are similar to those in Colonial Africa before Independence.

                                                                                  Chapter 1


The sudden surge from the Neural Feed’s Alarm instantly shattered his sleep.

I’m late for work Tindo panicked as he jumped out of bed.

At least I’m one of the lucky that still has a job working in the Kingu Central Government after the Juluka Conquest, and most would kill to be in my position he thought as he hastily put on his gear in the Family living quarters on the 3rd Floor of Hive 6960. 

Breakfast consisted of 2 Meal Capsules, and in a few minutes he was ready to go.

He kissed Sikatele his Wife goodbye as she rolled over in bed, and after tiptoeing to his daughter Runya’s room, he gently kissed her on the forehead. She acknowledged the gesture with a sleepy dimpled smile as she hugged her favourite stuffed Doodoo toy modelled on a colourful Bird found on Kingu.

Tall, with a slightly athletic build, and a face that belied his age, Tindo prepared to Teleport to the Citadel, and after accessing the Kingu Citadel Grid, his Neural Implant was loaded with a Teleportation Sequence purchased with his few remaining Citadel Credits.

Shit, I’m running low!! he cursed as his Credit balance came through on the Neural feed.  Thankfully, his account would be Credited again soon in a few moons.

His home Planet Kingu was part of the Bulawayo Star System in the Constellation of Zwide.

Kingu’s main Star was Meroe which it Orbited once every 500 Mbire Lunar Cycles. According to Citadel Records, Planet Kingu was about 100 000 Mbire Cycles Old, and had been settled by his people, the Akan for about 50 000 Mbire Cycles, although it was not exactly known how the Akan had arrived on Kingu.

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The Akan were a copper hue skinned people who had now been incorporated into a 10 Planet Federation controlled by the Juluka.

The Juluka had reportedly landed on Kingu about 20 000 Mbire Cycles ago while they were on a Space Exploration mission during which they found the environment on Kingu hospitable, and decided to found a settlement.

Initially starting out as a Space refreshment Post for other Juluka Ships on different Space exploratory missions, the Kingu Station became more important to the Juluka, and it was decided to make the Settlement on Kingu more permanent.

Gods Of Juluka

Whilst the Akan were not as technologically advanced as the Juluka, excellent trade relations had initially developed between the Akan and the Juluka who had relied on the Akan to supply them with the goods needed for the refreshment Station in order to supply incoming Juluka Ships.

However, after the discovery of massive Zig Ore deposits on Kingu and the surrounding Planets, the Juluka decided to create a 10 Planet Federation made up of all the Planets on which Zig Ore could be mined.

The Juluka did not have enough manpower, and a decision was made to develop the Federation Planets using their own Citizens such as the Akan on Kingu.

Through a Savant Training program, the Juluka taught their technical knowledge to the inhabitants of Kingu and the surrounding Planets which gave them the necessary skills to develop and mine Zig Ore from which Wave Pulse Energy was extracted by the Juluka on various Extraction facilities throughout the Federation.

The Savants had been made up of volunteers from amongst the Federation Citizens and they had all been trained at the Juluka Base Station.

After about 200 Mbire Cycles, groups of Savants had emerged from Juluka Base Stations on each Federation Planet to teach Federation Citizens the knowledge required to develop and mine the Planets for Zig Ore.

The project had been successful, and for the past 10 000 Mbire Cycles, the fate of the Federation Planets had been tied to the Juluka who now ruled the Federation through the Mambos, a group of Rulers installed by the Juluka.

Together with the Savants, the Mambo mediated between the Federation Citizens and the Juluka.

The Juluka’s 10 Planet Federation was ruled by a chosen Mambo Dynasty installed by the Juluka on each Planet.

Tindo was in the service of the Mambo Dynasty at the Kingu Citadel Complex.

Time to go Tindo thought, and after taking a deep breath, he entered the Teleportation Chamber, initiated the Teleportation sequence delivered by the Neural feed and Teleported himself to the Citadel.


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