Troodon: The Intelligent Dinosaur

Troodon Intelligent Dinosaur

Stenonychosaurus (Troodon) is one of the least known Dinosaurs, and according to modern researchers like Dale Russel, it was amongst the Dinosaurs in the process of developing higher intelligence, were it not for the Dinosaur extinction that prevented its development of an advanced intellect.

According to Russel, although small in size, Troodon was the main mammal Predator during the Cretaceous period.

Troodon needed to be more intelligent than the mammals it hunted, and for this reason its postulated that Troodon was an intelligent Dinosaur with a brain that was large compared to its body size.

The larger Brain size may have seen the origins of Humanoid characteristics in Troodon.

Dinosaur Super-Intelligence, Technology & Human Interaction

Russell’s theory is not universally accepted however, but in new research published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, the prospect of alien dinosaur life is explored by Ronald Breslow.

Breslow concludes that such life forms could well be advanced versions of dinosaurs, speculating that “We would be better off not meeting them” because their advanced Technology coupled with their emotionless, but advanced and efficient Reptilian Intelligence means our Civilization would be very Primitive, and its conquest almost effortless to them.

The hidden History of Dinosaurs means that there is a possibility that an Intelligent and highly advanced Space-Faring Reptilian Race has existed both on Earth and in Space for much longer than Human beings.

Is our History then the History of an encounter between Mankind and one such Intelligent and advanced Reptilian-Dinosaur Race?

The Hollow Earth Conspiracy has popularised this notion since the end of World War 2 when the US Army dispatched the Byrd Expedition to Antarctica as part of the Black Operation ‘Project Paperclip’ meant to recover secret NAZI wartime Technology.


In an alleged UFO encounter, the Byrd expedition was attacked with unexpected military force using weapons not encountered on a battlefield before, sinking the expedition’s lead destroyer…Since then, its been speculated that the attack was launched from a Hollow Earth Base located in Antarctica which has served as a hidden base for intelligent Reptilians that may have survived the Dinosaur extinction or landed here from outer space.

The discovery of Reptilian like figurines in Ancient Pre-Mesopotamia’s Ubaid Civilization Culture also adds an extra layer of mystery and raises the question whether our Civilization may be traced to Ancient Reptilian visitors…There is no official Historical explanation to date given for the Ubaid Civilization’s serpent like figurine Gods, and for this reason the possibility of an Ancient Reptilian presence that may have retreated to a remote part of the Earth cannot be completely excluded.

This is highly speculative however, but the possibility of evolved Dinosaur intelligence remains intriguing particularly in light of the discovery of Troodon Dinosaur…Hopefully  we’ll have more information in time as research on the subject continues.