Fela In Versace: Review

Fela In Versace

I bought AKA’s latest album, ‘Touch My Blood’ the day it came out, and when I first played ‘Fela In Versace’, it immediately felt like an important cultural milestone had been achieved.

The song itself is street, smooth and celebratory of the modern urban Pan-African experience…Kiddominant lays down the African street Raps with lines that portray today’s ‘by any means necessary Hustle’ with lines like:

‘You be drinkin/And the dirty money stinkin’

The rhyme sounds simplistic and even Pop, but its heavily loaded with street knowledge on the modern day Urban African Hustle hidden behind a veil of simplicity…We know exactly how dirty that money can get!

Faced with the threat of being upstaged and murdered on his own ish…AKA comes correct as always demonstrating his universal appeal, dexterity and ability to hold his own in every situation.

I’m always impressed by AKA whenever he features on a track with some younger MCees on fire. He always manages to spit not only fire, but game that demonstrates his experience and maturity in the game as he did on Emtee’s Roll Up Re-up with lines like:

‘Way way out (working) in Londtown/Nearly missed my Baby’s ultrasound’ as he simultaneously and seamlessly boasts about catching planes as others catch emotions…Classic.


Thrown in-between some of the most braggadocios African Raps ever dropped, the man lets you know he’s still human and has perspective in the midst of it all while still proving he can hold his own with the Young’uns…He makes it seem easy when it isn’t, and he could have been easily upstaged as the Older Head.

AKA pulls it off once again with Kiddominant on ‘Fela in Versace’ establishing his presence and dropping inspiring Pan-African Raps as he likens himself to ‘Mandela in a Rari’ all in the mix of his now standard espresso cocktail of dizzying Braggadocio ‘Godly’  vulnerable self-reflecting Raps blasted at you in one verse with the reliability of an AK-47…Staggering.

Its certainly great to be alive at a time when Africa is shifting towards an integrated Omni-Culture, giving Pan-Africanism an immediate experiential meaning in our everyday lives beyond the Politics.

Peep the ‘Fela In Versace’ video below as well as our Book Review of Fela’s autobiography ‘This Bitch of A Life’ proving why his legend was tapped for this classic, classic gem and also why Fela will be an inspirational figure for generations to come.


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