The Goals Of Cleopatra Egypt’s Last Pharaoh

Cleoptra and her Legacy as the last Pharaoh of Egypt

Cleopatra the Last Pharaoh of Egypt had important goals she wanted to achieve for Egypt. 

In 956 AD, the Scholar Al Masudi described Egypt’s Last Pharaoh, claimed Cleopatra was motivated to achieve the following goals : ‘She was a sage, a Philosopher who elevated the ranks of Scholars and enjoyed their company. She wrote books on Medicine, charms and cosmetics in addition to many other books ascribed to her known by those that practice medicine”.

One of the goals of the last Egyptian Pharaoh’s reign was a domestic policy that was sensitive to the needs of the poorest Egyptians and the State institutions such as the Temples.

For instance, in times of drought when the Nile did not flood and Egypt did not experience a good harvest, the last Pharaoh reduced the grain Tax burden on Egyptian Peasants to make sure they had enough food.

Another important goal Cleopatra had as Egypt’s last Pharaoh was to maintain the Nile River irrigation system and infrastructure to ensure that the production of grain and food could always be kept optimal.

It would seem that despite intrigues on the world stage, the Last Pharaoh’s primary concern were her goals for Egypt and its people.

Ultimately. Cleopatra’s goal as the last Pharaoh of Egypt was to ensure the happiness and prosperity of the people of Egypt.

Therefore, in remembering Cleopatra, Egypt’s last Pharaoh, let us remember the last Egyptian Pharaoh as the great visionary leader with ambitious goals for Egypt which History did not allow her to achieve. 

The Goals Of Cleopatra Egypt’s Last Pharaoh



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