5 Ancient Celtic Symbols

Ancient Celtic Symbols

Celtic mythology is full of symbols derived from its rich mythological stories.

Below are 5 exmaples of some of the most common Celtic Symbols, their meaning and function.

The Shamrock


shamrock ancient celtic symbol

The Shamrock or Clover is probably the most popular Irish symbol where its directly connected to St. Patrick who is said to have used it to teach Irish Pagans about the Holy Trinity. 

hus, the Shamrock came to get very revered by the first Celtics as a signal of Love, spiritual development, hope, faith, and Christianity . As a consequence of the prolific development of its, it is regarded as to be symbolic of abundance, nurturing, fertility, productivity, and stability .

It is also used as a good luck charm to ward off evil spirits in addition to being associated with abundance and stability.

The Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross Ancient Symbol

The Celtic cross is made up of a cross with a circular band around the Centre.

This symbol can be traced to Celtic Christianity with its origins in the Coptic Church.

Its also known as an Irish Cross, and in Ireland its said that the Celtic cross was used by Saint Patrick to convert Irish Pagans.

The Triskelion

triskelion ancient celtic symbol

The Triskelion is a Celtic symbol that represents the idea of the flow of improvement towards a point of conclusion, and in its totality reflects an attitude of progression.

The Celtic Bull


celtic bull ancient symbol

Druids used the sacrificial for important rituals, and the bull is recognised as the sign of the God Esus in Celtic mythology.

In addtion to representing a strong will, it also symbolised wealth, abundance and virility.

The Single Spiral

single spiral ancient celtic symbo


The single spiral is also amongst the most widespread symbols of Celtic culture.

The spiral is a figure characterised by spiral folds of the same line representing many themes including death, growth, or birth as well as the expansion of the consciousness.

All in all, Celtic Mythology is rich in iconography, and for a deep dive into the rich heritage and culture of the Celts, check out the The Celts Documentary.