Afrikan History

The Shabaka Stone: African Explanation Of The Big Bang Theory

The Meaning Of The Shabaka Stone

The Shabaka Stone is a granite Rectangular Block dating from Ancient Egypt’s Twenty-fifth Dynasty that says how the world and entire Universe came into existence….

Metu Neter Gods Of Kemet

The Metu Neter Gods Of Kemet

The Kemetic Spirituality of the Nile Valley Black Africans of Ancient Kemet in Egypt was based on the meaning of the Medu Neter Hieroglyph…

The African Origins Of Civilization: Myth Or Reality

Why Cheikh Anta Diop Is Important

Cheikh Anta Diop is important because of his contributions to the Scientific foundations for an Afrocentric view on the origins of Civilization from the…

Samori Toure Mandinka Resistance

The Mandinka Resistance War

The Mandinka Resistance War led by Samori Toure is an important Pre-Colonial African Anti-Colonial resistance movement war. The Causes Of The Mandinka Resistance War…