The Akashic Records

The Akashic Record Explained

The Akashic Record  explains the functioning and balance of the Spiritual Universe in the same way the Laws of Physics explain the Physical Universe. …

cauldron ancient wicca symbols

5 Ancient Wiccan Symbols

Wicca is actually a belief system outlined by the Worship of  Nature. It has no formal institutions and it recognizes a Triple Goddess of…

The Anunnaki Agenda

The Anunnaki Agenda

The question of the Alien Agenda is important if we want to determine whether Aliens are force for good or evil in the Universe….

Baalbek Mystery

The Baalbek Mystery

According to Zechariah Sitchin, the Baalbek Temple complex was built by the Anunnaki Ancient Astronaut Gods. Whilst its possible to trace Baalbek’s history to…

5 Ancient Celtic Symbols

Ancient Celtic Symbols Celtic mythology is full of symbols derived from its rich mythological stories. Below are 5 exmaples of some of the most…