Curse Of Ham: The Bible On The African Origins Of Egypt

The Bible’s Land Of Ham

The Land of Ham is a Biblical reference to the lands of Egypt (Kemet) and Canaan which were occupied by Black Africans from Egypt…

Metu Neter Gods Of Kemet

The Metu Neter Gods Of Kemet

The Kemetic Spirituality of the Nile Valley Black Africans of Ancient Kemet in Egypt was based on the meaning of the Medu Neter Hieroglyph…

The Reasons Why Jesus Is A Sun God

Why Jesus Is A Sun God

Reasons Why Jesus Is A Sun God Jesus was considered a Sun God because of the Ancient Egyptian Solar Worship symbolism embedded in Jesus’…

The Ausarian Religion Of Ancient Kemet

Ausar: The First Christ

The Ausarian (Osirian) Religion of Ancient Kemet later called Egypt was the first system of Spiritual Initiation in History developed in Nile Valley Egyptian…

The Anunnaki In Noah's Flood

Anunnaki In Noah’s Flood

How Noah’s Flood or the great deluge led to the Anunnaki establishing a new Spaceport at Jerusalem after Enki and Enlil disagreed according to Zechariah Sitchin and the Lost Book Of Enki by Afrika Is Woke Magazine