Ancient Astronauts

History Of Ancient Anunnaki Meso-America

Anunnaki Alien Gods Of Meso-America

According to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis, there were 4 Ancient Civilizations established by the Anunnaki Ancient Astronaut Alien Gods of Mesopotamia, one of which…

Alien Zoo Hypothesis Fermi Paradox

The Alien Zoo Hypothesis

The Alien Zoo Hypothesis is about explaining why there is no evidence of Alien contact with Humans on Earth even though the Milky Way…

sumerian Anunnaki Gods Noah's Flood Great Deluge

The Anunnaki Aliens In Noah’s Flood

How Noah’s Flood or the great deluge led to the Anunnaki establishing a new Spaceport at Jerusalem after Enki and Enlil disagreed according to Zechariah Sitchin and the Lost Book Of Enki by Afrika Is Woke Magazine