The Book Of Enoch: An Anarchist Response To The Ancient World Order

The Book of Enoch is attributed to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah.

It is divided into 5 Parts which deal with the evil deeds of the Watchers (Fallen Angels or Nephilim) with Earthlings, the Parables which explain the Judgment of The Watchers and the Great deluge as punishment for the evil works of The Watchers, the Book Of Luminaries which contains accurate Astronomical data on the motions of the Sun, Moon and Stars including the calculation of the lunar year of 364 days and why an additional year must be added after 4 years, the Book of Visions on the past and future of Human destiny under the oppressive system of Divine Kings and lastly, a final Apocalypse in which the righteous will be delivered from the wicked by the Son of Man or Messiah in the era after the Flood.

Whilst it does not form part of the official Biblical Canon, it was nevertheless adhered to by early Christians until it was outlawed by the Church.

Nevertheless, copies survived in the Church of Ethiopia as well as amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It has been suggested that the Book Of Enoch is an account of the activities of The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens  summarised in the Hebrew Bible’s account in Genesis.

At first sight the Book Of Enoch appears to be a confusing outlandish Text, but perhaps it can be better understood if we interpret it in light of Human History as recorded in the Mesoptamian Texts detailing the activities of the Anunnaki combined with the larger Historical context of the Agricultural Revolution or ‘Civilization’ initiated in Sumer, and its impact on Humans in the Ancient world.

On this approach, the Book Of Enoch is either a rejection of the Anunnaki themselves as evil entities who corrupted the Earth with Civilization, alternatively, it is a rejection of the institution of Divine Kingship which based its legitimacy real or imagined on the will of the Anunnaki over men.

Whether the Kings were really appointed by the Anunnaki or if the Anunnaki were merely propaganda to shore up the power of the Human Kings is debatable.

Nevertheless, wherever the truth lies, the Book of Enoch is a rejection of the world order introduced either by the Anunnaki themselves or the Kings in the name of the Anunnaki with the arrival of Civilization and the Agricultural Revolution.

In order to legitimise its narrative for the overthrow of the Order of the Anunnaki and their Kings, The 5 Books Of Enoch set out:

i) The origins of the Anunnaki World Order of Kings;

ii) Its negative corrupting impact on human beings;

iii) The resolution and actions of the Most High against The Watchers to address the evil by causing the Great Deluge and providing a means by which the Righteous can be saved from the Great Deluge by The Son Of Man, Messiah or The Elect One before the final last judgment to come in future after the re-establishment of Civilization in the era following the Great Deluge;

iv) The Majesty, power and knoweldge Enoch received from the Most High in the form of accurate Astronomical data;

v) The final Prophecy and visions on the past and future trials and tribulations of Man, and how Mankind will be finally delivered by the Most High through the Messiah or Son Of Man, and final Judgment will be passed on the wicked world order to be replaced by a new era of eternal peace and justice in which the weak and righteous will rejoice and receive the reward for their loyalty to the Most High.

From this perspective, the Book of Enoch can possibly be interpreted as a Radical Revolutionary Anarchist Text promising a new World Order that will be more peaceful and satisying than that of the Anunnaki Kings. 

What follows is a possible interpretation of the Book of Enoch based on selected quotes against the Historical background and Sumerian Texts.

Origins Of Civilization and World Order In The Book Of Enoch

Book Of Enoch 1: The Judgment Against The Watchers

“And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters.

And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: ‘Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children.’ And Semjâzâ, who was their leader, said unto them: ‘I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.’ And they all answered him and said: ‘Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.’ Then sware they all together and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. And they were in all two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. And these are the names of their leaders: Samîazâz, their leader, Arâkîba, Râmêêl, Kôkabîêl, Tâmîêl, Râmîêl, Dânêl, Êzêqêêl, Barâqîjâl, Asâêl, Armârôs, Batârêl, Anânêl, Zaqîêl, Samsâpêêl, Satarêl, Tûrêl, Jômjâêl, Sariêl. These are their chiefs of tens.

And all the others together with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them, and they taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants. And they became pregnant, and they bare great giants, whose height was three thousand ells: Who consumed all the acquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against them and devoured mankind. And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one another’s flesh, and drink the blood. Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones.

And Azâzêl taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjâzâ taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, ‘Armârôs the resolving of enchantments, Barâqîjâl (taught) astrology, Kôkabêl the constellations, Êzêqêêl the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiêl the signs of the earth, Shamsiêl the signs of the sun, and Sariêl the course of the moon. And as men perished, they cried, and their cry went up to heaven…”

Its clear from The Book Of Watchers that Enoch attributes Civilization and its corrupting influence to the Angels who came down from Heaven and bore children with the daughters of Men i.e. The Nephilim.

According to Enoch, the era of the Nephilim was the beginning of Culture as we know it today from the Magic Arts, Cosmetics, Writing, Kingship and War.

This is against the teachings of the Ancient Sumerian Texts like Babylon’s Enuma Elish and The Epic Of Gilgamesh which portray the Arts of Civilization as benevolent gifts from the Anunnaki who from Heaven came.

It can therefore be concluded that the Book Of Watchers is a condemnation of the Anunnaki Project of Civilization on Earth which Enoch views as a sinister project of wayward Spiritual entities unsanctioned by the Most High.  

The Coming Judgment Of The Watchers & The Wicked Kings As Well As The Redemption Of The Righteous By The Son Of Man

Book Of Enoch 2: The Parables Of Enoch

“And he (i.e. the angel) came to me and greeted me with His voice, and said unto me ‘ This is the Son of Man who born unto righteousness, And righteousness abides over him, And the righteousness of the Head of Days forsakes him not.’

And he said unto me:

He proclaims unto thee peace in the name of the world to come; For from hence has proceeded peace since the creation of the world,And so shall it be unto thee for ever and for ever and ever.

And all shall walk in his ways since righteousness never forsaketh him:

With him will be their dwelling-places, and with him their heritage, And they shall not be separated from him for ever and ever and ever.

And so there shall be length of days with that Son of Man, And the righteous shall have peace and an upright way In the name of the Lord of Spirits for ever and ever.”

In the 2nd Book, Enoch explains the destruction of the Earth in the Great Deluge as a Judgment against the Order of The Watchers and Kings.

The weak and righteous are saved by The Son of Man to live in a special place in Heaven in the presence of The Most High and The Son Of Man whilst the wicked Fallen Ones and their Kings are banished to an eternal place of torment.

The Book Of Enoch: An Anarchist Response To The Anunnaki World Order

The Secrets Of The Universe & The Power Of The Most High

Book Of Enoch 3: The Book Of Luminaries

“The book of the courses of the luminaries of the heaven, the relations of each, according to their classes, their dominion and their seasons, according to their names and places of origin, and according to their months, which Uriel, the holy angel, who was with me, who is their guide, showed me; and he showed me all their laws exactly as they are, and how it is with regard to all the years of the world  and unto eternity, till the new creation is accomplished which dureth till eternity. And this is the first law of the luminaries: the luminary the Sun has its rising in the eastern portals of the heaven, and its setting in the western portals of the heaven. And I saw six portals in which the sun rises, and six portals in which the sun sets and the moon rises and sets in these portals, and the leaders of the stars and those whom they lead: six in the east and six in the west, and all following each other 4 in accurately corresponding order: also many windows to the right and left of these portals. And first there goes forth the great luminary, named the Sun, and his circumference is like the 5 circumference of the heaven, and he is quite filled with illuminating and heating fire…

And after this law I saw another law dealing with the smaller luminary, which is named the Moon. And her circumference is like the circumference of the heaven, and her chariot in which she rides is driven by the wind, and light is given to her in (definite) measure. And her rising and setting change every month: and her days are like the days of the sun, and when her light is uniform (i.e. full) it amounts to the seventh part of the light of the sun. And thus she rises.”

The Book Of Enoch: An Anarchist Response To The Anunnaki World Order

In the Book of Luminaries, the Angel Uriel reveals the Science of Celestial Motions to Enoch in order to demonstrate the power and knowledge of the Most High.

To Enoch, this is a sign that his message is truly inspired by the Most High otherwise who else could make and show him these awesome secrets beyond ordinary Human comprehension.

Visions Of The Past & Future Destiny Of Mankind

Book Of Enoch 4: Book Of Visions

“I saw in a vision how the heaven collapsed and was borne off and fell to the earth. And when it fell to the earth I saw how the earth was swallowed up in a great abyss, and mountains were suspended on mountains, and hills sank down on hills, and high trees were rent from their stems, and hurled down and sunk in the abyss. And thereupon a word fell into my mouth, and I lifted up (my voice) to cry aloud, and said: ‘ The earth is destroyed.’ 

And thereupon I saw the wolves, and how they oppressed the sheepexceedingly with all their power; and the sheep cried aloud. And the Lord came to the sheep and they began to smite those wolves: and the wolves began to make lamentation; but the sheep became quiet and forthwith ceased to cry out. And I saw the sheep till they departed from amongst the wolves; but the eyes of the wolves were blinded, and those wolves departed in pursuit of the sheep with all their power. And the Lord of the sheep went with them, as their leader, and all His sheep followed Him: and his face was dazzling and glorious and terrible to behold. But the wolves began to pursue those sheep till they reached a sea of water. And that sea was divided, and the water stood on this side and on that before their face, and their Lord led them and placed Himself between them and the wolves. And as those wolves did not yet see the sheep, they proceeded into the midst of that sea, and the wolves followed the sheep, and [those wolves] ran after them into that sea. And when they saw the Lord of the sheep, they turned to flee before His face, but that sea gathered itself together, and became as it had been created, and the water swelled and rose till it covered those wolves. And I saw till all the wolves who pursued those sheep perished and were drowned. But the sheep escaped from that water and went forth into a wilderness, where there was no water and no grass; and they began to open their eyes and to see; and I saw the Lord of the sheep pasturing them and giving them water and grass, and that sheep going and leading them….

Then I wept with a great weeping and my tears stayed not till I could no longer endure it: when I saw, they flowed on account of what I had seen; for everything shall come and be fulfilled, and all the deeds of men in their order were shown to me. On that night I remembered the first dream, and because of it I wept and was troubled-because I had seen that vision.”

Book Of Enoch Anarchist Anunnaki Rebellion

In Book 4, Enoch outlines the History and Future of Mankind from the Great Deluge, the re-establishment of Civilization and the corruption that will follow once again necessitating the need for a final deliverance by The Son Of Man.

Interesting to note is how the Prophecy mirrors the Exodus story of the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt including the Read Sea incident.

In Enoch however, this deliverance is not reserved for a specific Tribe or Nation called Israel but its for all Mankind suffering under the yoke of the Anunaki World Order of Kings.

Book Of Enoch 5: The Final Apocalypse

“And do not think in your spirit nor say in your heart that ye do not know and that ye do not see that every sin is every day recorded in heaven in the presence of the Most High. From henceforth ye know that all your oppression wherewith ye oppress is written down every day till the day of your judgement. Woe to you, ye fools, for through your folly shall ye perish: and ye transgress against the wise, and so good hap shall not be your portion. And now, know ye that ye are prepared for the day of destruction: wherefore do not hope to live, ye sinners, but ye shall depart and die; for ye know no ransom; for ye are prepared for the day of the great judgement, for the day of tribulation and great shame for your spirits. Woe to you, ye obstinate of heart, who work wickedness and eat blood: Whence have ye good things to eat and to drink and to be filled ? From all the good things which the Lord the Most High has placed in abundance on the earth; therefore ye shall have no peace. Woe to you who love the deeds of unrighteousness: wherefore do ye hope for good hap unto yourselves? know that ye shall be delivered into the hands of the righteous, and they shall cut off your necks and slay you, and have no mercy upon you. Woe to you who rejoice in the tribulation of the righteous; for no grave shall be dug for you. Woe to you who set at nought the words of the righteous; for ye shall have no hope of life. Woe to you who write down lying and godless words; for they write down their lies that men may hear them and act godlessly towards (their) neighbour. Therefore they shall have no peace but die a sudden death.

I swear unto you, that in heaven the angels remember you for good before the glory of the Great One: and your names are written before the glory of the Great One. Be hopeful; for aforetime ye were put to shame through ill and affliction; but now ye shall shine as the lights of heaven, ye shall shine and ye shall be seen, and the portals of heaven shall be opened to you. And in your cry, cry for judgement, and it shall appear to you; for all your tribulation shall be visited on the rulers, and on all who helped those who plundered you.

This is the book which Enoch wrote for his son Methuselah and for those who will come after him, and keep the law in the last days.”

The Book Of Enoch: An Anarchist Response To The Anunnaki World Order

The Messiah or Son Of Man appears once again during the Post-flood corrupt Civilization to execute a final Judgment on the Wicked and deliver the Righteous who will reside in eternal bliss in the presence of The Son Of Man and The Most High.


In Homo Deus: A Brief History Of Tomorrow, Yuval Noah Harari suggests that contrary to popular belief, the Agricultural Revolution and the Civilization that came with it actually brought more misery and suffering to Mankind.

Agriculture introduced an oppressive system of Population Management and Control for the extraction of Agricultural surplus in the form of Taxes by the Ruling Elites or Kings.

This provides a Social Context for the Book Of Enoch and the Sumerian Texts like the Enuma Elish and Epic Of Gligamesh which justified the Rule of the Kings over Men under the institution of Divine Kingship descended from Heaven.

Whether Divine Kingship was literal and given to the Kings by the Anunnaki as claimed in the Sumerian Texts or whether it was just propaganda to justify their control and extraction of Agricultural surplus in the new Agricultural economic system is debatable.

What is clear however is that it led to undesirable Social conditions and the rise of inequality amongst people in the Ancient world.

This may ultimately explain why The Book Of Enoch was written and why it would have had any appeal to people at the time in the first place.

It was clearly addressed to the weak and vulnerable lower classes in this Social Order who felt no respite against the relentless and cruel power of the Anunnaki appointed Kings.

“Those that live in constant fear that they may not see the light of the next day due to the tyranny of the Kings’

The Book Of Enoch appears to be a promise to ease their suffering by promising a new and more equitable Social Order.

That appears to be the overall purpose of the Book: A Divine Promise of vengeance against the wicked in the name of eternal justice and peace.

In this way, The Book Of Enoch was opposed to the Official Ancient Sumerian Texts of the time that praised the virtues of the Anunnaki or Nephilim as harbingers of gifts and wisdom to Mankind as shown by the Temples and Cities that had sprung out to form the new Civilization.

The Book Of Enoch disputes this paradigm by pointing out the misery and oppression it created and promising deliverance to its innocent passive victims.

This malaise is Historically accurate and acknowledged as a negative effect of the Agricultural Revolution on Mankind.

The fantastical aspects of The Book Of Enoch seem to exist mainly to add authority to the revelations made in this radical anti-establishment Book by associating it with a Divine authority higher than the Nephilim who had introduced a debased corrupt order on Earth called ‘Civilization’.

Hence Enoch’s Message is sent from ‘The Most High’…Presumably Higher than the Nephilim.

It has also been proposed that the visions of Enoch were in-fact the result of repeated Alien abductions which could explain the fantastical nature of the visions delivered by means of a Hologram using symbolism a Human being could understand.

In that case, the Book Of Enoch may possibly be a message to Mankind from a Higher Order Entity than the Nephilim.

Whether this is actually true or if the entity may have deceived Enoch because of its own agenda in its conflict with the Nephilim cannot be verified.

Either way, the message is the same, there is a corrupt order that must be destroyed and deliverance is promised for the righteous innocent.

The ideas in Enoch have infiltrated the Torah and Biblical literature with echoes of Enoch being found in the Old and New Testament right up to the Book Of Revelation.

Its fundamental idea of a corrupt social order that must be swept away by a Messiah before peace reigns for eternity has basically been imprinted upon the major religions of the World especially Christianity.

Whether the corrupt order is literally  the work of evil angels or of human Kings falsely claiming their authority from Gods in order to oppress the weak is the Historical question that remains to be resolved.

However, Books like Enoch may help explain Ancient reforms to the institution of Divine Kingship by Mesopotamian Kings like Hammurabi through the famous Code Of Hammurabi which expressly sets out its goal as the protection of the weak.

This may have been a response to internal pressures to reform the institution of Kingship to prevent its total collapse due to protests from Radicals and other people who were oppressed under the system.

Nevertheless, Kings like Hammurabi only sought to reform rather than overthrow the institution of Kingship.

It was a question of change from the Top rather than an annihilation from the bottom.

In service of their agendas, Ancient Kings like Hammurabi  protected their power by associating their policy reforms with the latest revelations given to them by the Anunnaki as Hammurabi’s Law Code explictly states in attributing the Laws to Anunnaki God Marduk.

The Book Of Enoch confronts this system firstly by claiming origin from a Higher Authority than the Anunnaki Gods like Marduk, followed by advocating for the total destruction of the Anunnaki World Order and Kingship in exchange for an egalitarian Utopia.

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Fredreich Engels is in our own time the closest we have had to a work that totally rejects established modes of production and the Social Order it produces accompanied by the promise of a Utopia once the oppressive system is overthrown.

From this point of view, The Book of Enoch is about the origins of evil and class struggle on a Cosmic scale.

Perhaps this is a way we may understand and make sense of the fantastical ideas in the Book Of Enoch if they are tied to the reality of the Human Condition on Earth at the time it was written.

Ultimately, The Book Of Enoch is an engima and as a result, the speculation as to it origins and true purpose will probably continue.

However, if we bring together the Sumerian Texts and Historical conditions of the time, we may come out with an interpretation that sheds more light on its mysteries and purpose even though the enigma of Enoch will probably never be totally unlocked.

You can read the full text of the Mesoptamian Texts it challenges like the Enuma Elish and Epic Of Gilgamesh in our History Texts Page.

Enjoy the 2 Part Documentary on the Book Of Enoch and its connection to the Anunnaki Ancient Aliens based on the work of former Anglican Priest, Researcher and Author Paul Wallis who also shares the same views as former Vatican Translator Mario Biglino on the identity of the Elohim Gods in the Bible as Extraterrestrial entities.

The feautured Home Page documentary is an excellent video presentation on the complete Book Of Enoch courtesy of the Ancient Astronaut Archive.