Black Sands: Kemet In Afrofuturism

Black Sands: Reclaiming Lost Afrikan History In Afrofuturism

Black Sands is one of the most exciting independent Black Titles which demonstrates how Afrofuturism as a genre can be a medium for reclaiming the lost Pre-Colonial Black African History of the Kemetic Civilization in Ancient Egypt that has been proposed by Afrocentric Scholars.

The Kemetic Civilization Of Black Sands

The Black Sands story centers on the Hero’s journey of the young Boy Ausar in his endeavour to rule the Ancient Land of Kemet in the Ancient world.

In the world of Black Sands, the struggle fought  is between the last standing nations of Men and the Ancient Gods that oppress Men.

The Politics involving Kemet in the Ancient world also feature prominently with Black Sands planting its story firmly in the Geopolitics of the Kemetic world which included the power Politics of Ancient Kingdoms like Sumer, Greece, Kush and Canaan. 

Thus Black Sands is rooted in Pre-Colonial Africa’s Kemetic Civilization History, and by referencing the Hero’s Journey of Ausar, Black Sands also reflects the founding myth of Ancient Kemet known as the Ausarian Religion Drama which was the foundation of Kemetic Spirituality in Kemet. 

The Black Sands Universe therefore addresses an important Historical controversy on the unacknowledged or suppressed Black African Origins of Ancient Egypt in the Nile Valley as well as reviving the World’s first Hero’s Myth which was invented in Egyptian Kemetic Civilization after the Osirian (Ausarian) Revolution which Historically speaking, was the world’s first Revolution.

The Importance Of The Egyptian Kemetic Civilization Reclaimed In Black Sands

According to Dr Clyde Winters in The Ancient Black Civilizations of Asia: the model of world Ancient History proposed by Afrocentric Scholars is based on Empirical studies which begin with Ancient Greek and Roman literature from Greek Historians like Herodotus who in-a-matter-of-fact speaking state the common knowledge of the time that, the:

i) Egytpians were Black;

ii) Kushites Founded Ancient Civilization In Africa;

iii) First inhabitants of Rome and Greece were Black Africans from Africa.

Thus Afrocentric History and Afrikan Scholarship is an ackowledgment of the true Ancient Historical realities, and not an irrational Racist attack especially because according to Dr Clyde Winters, Afrocentric Historian Scholars employ the same Scientific Empirical Research methodologies like Anthropology, Linguistics, Archaeology and Genetics used by all Historians including Eurocentric mainstream Scholars to arrive at their conclusions and Thesis.  

In reality therefore, Afrocentrism is just a reflection of the suppressed Ancient realities that is not consistent with the current Ancient Model of History.

Furthermore, Professor Amos Wilson’s: The Falsifcation Of Afrikan Consciousness: Eurocentric History & The Politics Of White Supremacy stresses the importance of accurate Historical memory to individual and collective self-esteem.

For this reason, in order for Black people to develop self-esteem both as individuals and collectively, then it is important for Black people to have their History accurately depicted in Education and Popular Culture.

In addition, Professor Wilson goes on to state that the current state of affairs in which Black History is distorted negatively affects the self-esteem of Black people both individually and collectively. In addition, the perpetuation of this situation is a mechanism used to re-inforce White Supremacy.

The reclaiming of Kemetic Civilization through Afrofuturism in Black Sands is therefore a means of correcting the Historical record in Popular Culture in a way that can positively impact Black self-esteem whilst simultaneously undermining current distorted Historical narratives that perpetuate White Supremacy.


In a recent Shark Tank Episode, the Creators Of Black Sands succesfully made a bid for a $500,000 investment which will fund plans by Black Sands Entertainment to expand into animation and other avenues. 

While Black Sands has been compared to Naruto and Avatar, Black Sands should not only to be respected for its world standard aesthetic, Black Sands also manages to delve into important questions by amongst other things bringing to the forefront of Popular Culture, the Historical controversy of the Black African Origins of Ancient Egypt in the Nile Valley which Scholars like the late Chiekh Anta Diop convincingly addressed in works like African Origins Of Civilization: Myth or Reality and Civilization or Barbarism.

Additionally, Black Sands can also be viewed as bridging the gap between Afrofuturism and African Futurism towards a synthesis of Afrikan Futurism  because the reclaiming of Kemetic Civilization through the Science Fiction genre in Black Sands is a reflection of both the Black Diaspora and African experience. 

Hopefully Black Sands will be a gateway for fans to explore the Kemetic Civilization and its origins in the Nile Valley which serves as a reminder of the Afrikan contributions to world Civilization for generations to come.

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