Black African Origins Of Ancient Egypt

Black African Origins Of Egyptian Civilization

The Greeks knew Ancient Egypt well and firmly believed that the original Egyptians were Black African people who had come from the South to settle the land of the Nile known as Ancient Egypt.

Rock paintings in the Tassili mountains of the Algerian Sahara which may be 7000 or 8000 years old show whole communities African people who would go on to build Ancient Egypt.

The art of the Black Ancestors of Ancient Egypt depicted their life in the green Sahara with hunting, animal scenes, ox drawn plows suggesting the planting and growing of crops. 

The journey of the Black Africans who would found the Egyptian Civilization into Ancient Egypt began when some 4, 500 years ago the Sahara climate began to undergo a disastrous change when the Sahara gradually lost its rainfall which led to the Africans who would build Ancient Egypt abandoning their increasingly dry lands in search of a secure water supply.

Some of the Black Africans in the Sahara headed for the tropical rainforests, and others moved towards the valley of the River Nile into Egypt where they would build the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

Egypt’s Nile Valley region soon became the scene of a Black African Civilization. 

The Arab Traders of this time called the Nile Valley area settled by the Black people who built Ancient Egypt bilad as-sudan (‘land of the blacks’).

From the earliest times of African settlement in the Nile Valley Region, there would be competition between the original African inhabitants of the area and Arabs who entered the Region through trade and sought to establish a more permanent foothold in the Region of Ancient Egypt.

In time, according to Chancellor Williams’: The Destruction Of Black Civilization this led to the division of the land of the Blacks between zones of African and Arab influence which later became identified as Upper and Lower Egypt. 

The Black Africans of Ancient Egypt were pushed further inland and away from the Nile by Arab Settlers into what would become known as Upper Egypt, but the desire of the Black Of Africans of Ancient Egypt to reclaim the entire Nile Valley territory and join it into a single kingdom as had been the case before the Arab incursion meant that the Black Africans of Ancient Egypt were always intent on unifying what had become the two Civilizations of Upper and Lower Egypt after the Arab incursion. 

The Black African King Narmer or ‘Menes’, which means “he who endures”, would initiate the conquest of Lower Egypt by the original Black inhabitants of Ancient Egypt’s Nile valley Civilization.

Menes or Narmer originally ruled over the Upper Egyptian City of Thinis where he led a coalition of Tribal leaders known the “Thinite Confederacy’’ which mounted a successful attack and achieved the conquest of the Arab controlled Lower Egypt Nile valley Region.

Narmer or Menes then created the First Dynasty of Ancient Egypt by declaring himself the first ruler of both the lands of the Upper and Lower Egypt.

Narmer’s story which is the story of the Black Egyptians of the Nile Valley re-asserting control over Ancient Egypt is told on one of the world’s most significant historical documents, known as the Narmer Palette. which depicts the Black African Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt Narmer, wearing the White and Red Crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Narmer soon founded the City of Memphis and it quickly became a commercial and cultural hub of the Nile Valley Region and Ancient Egypt.

After Narmer’s death, the struggle for control of Ancient Egypt amongst the original Black of Africans of Ancient Egypt who had settled the Nile Valley Region from the Sahara, Arab Settlers as well as other foreign invaders such as the Greeks and Assyrians would be recorded in the annals of History.

Nevertheless, the origins of Ancient Egypt lie in the Black Africans who made their home in the Nile Valley Region and built a Civilization in the Egyptian Nile Valley after the desertification of the Sahara desert.

Black African Origins Of Ancient Egypt

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