The Black Nubian Africans Who Created Egypt’s First Dynasty

The Nubians Of Pre-Dynastic Egypt

Evidence suggests that Egypt’s First Dynasty was established by Black Nubian Africans from the Kingdom of Ta-Seti referred to by the Ancient Greeks as Ethiopia

In short, the Ethiopians who ruled Egypt and who created Egypt’s First Dynasty were Black Nubian Africans who occupied the entire area between the Nile Delta all the way into the Eastern Sudan.

The Greeks firmly believed that the original people who ruled Egypt throughout the entire period even before the creation of the First Dynasty were Black African people who had come from the South to settle in the Nile Valley.

Origins Of The Black Nubian Africans Who Ruled Egypt & Established The First Egyptian Dynasty

The journey of the Nubian Africans who ruled Egypt and created the First Egyptian Dynasty began with the Evolution of Man on the African Plains.

Hominid remains of the people who occupied the area of Egypt before the creation of the First Dynasty by Nubian Homo Sapien Africans have been found in East Africa’s Rift Valley Olduvai Gorge Region which suggest the existence of a gradual evolution of Hominids on the African Plains, most notably, Austolopethicus, followed by Homo Erectus about 1.9 million years ago, and then to modern man, Homo Sapien who emerged approximately 40 000 years ago.

Rock paintings in the Tassili mountains of the Algerian Sahara which may be 7000 or 8000 years old also show whole communities of African people who controlled the area before the creation of Egypt’s First Dynasty.

The Rock Art of the people who ruled Ancient Egypt before the First Dynasty depicted their life in the green Sahara with hunting, animal scenes, ox drawn plows also suggesting the planting and growing of crops. 

The early Hominids had built Cattled-based Settlements in the area that is now occupied by the Sahara Desert before a change in Climate led to a steep decline in Rainfall over the Sahara which led to the movements of the Africans migrating Northwards following the flow of the Nile in search of a more secure water supply for their crops and cattle.

Egypt’s Nile Valley region soon became the hub of an emerging Black African Civilization with its own unique Black African Nubian Proto-Culture such which would later provide the Template for the creation of the First Dynasty of Egypt. 

Evidence of Black African Settlement which shows signs of a Proto-Nile Valley Culture was discovered at Nabta Playa in Egypt’s Nubian Desert.

This Settlement at Nabta Playa shows a developing African Nubian Society that had domesticated wild cattle known as the Auroch.

In addition, Nabta Playa is recognised as the world’s oldest Atronomical Site where the Nubians in control of the area who established Egypt’s First Dynasty developed Astronomy by devising a Rock Calendar monitoring the movement of the Sirius Star as a way of detecting changes in the Nile River’s Flood Level for the purposes of ensuring adequate drinking water and pasture lands for their Cattle.

Evidence from the Nabta Playa Rock Calendar shows that the Nubians of Pre-Dynastic Egypt had monitored the movements of the Stars and the Nile river for at least 8 000 years.

In addition, other artefacts found at Nabta Playa which were created by the Nubians who had settled the area before they created Egypt’s First Dynasty bore a very close resemblance to the Religious Symbolism and Iconography that would be later used in Egyptian Civilization.

For example, Palletes depicting Cow Horns found at Nabta Playa are considered to be early expressions of the Egyptian Cult of Hathor, one of the most important Deities of Ancient Egypt.

It is believed that during this time, the developing Black Civilization that governed Ethiopia which would create Egypt’s First Dynasty was called Ta Seti (Land Of The Bow) and it continued to evolve the Proto-Dynastic culture which included Hieroglyphic writing circa 3 400 BC that would later come to characterise classical Egyptian Civilization.

The Nubians Of Pre-Dynastic Egypt

Evidence of this further evolution towards the creation of the First Egyptian Dynasty by the Nubain Africans of Ta Seti was discovered at the Site of Qustul on Egypt’s Sudanian Border which had Nubian Tombs, funerary objects and other Royal artifacts of African Origin that were clearly the Template and inspiration for what was used in Dynastic Egypt starting with the First Dynasty created by Narmer or Menes who was a Nubian African.

Amongst the objects discovered at Qustul which were made by the Black Africans of Ta Seti who established the First Dynasty in Egypt was an intriguing carved Incense Holder depicting an African King on a Raft wearing a Crown which probably was the influence for later depictions of Pharaohs or RA riding on a Boat in Ancient Egypt.

Qustul can be viewed as an example one of the Pre-Dynastic Cities or Nomes that formed a loose Administrative Network before the creation of the First Dynasty by the Nubain Africans from settlements like Nabta Playa and Qustul.

The Creation Of Ancient Egypt’s First Dynasty Under Narmer

The Black African King Narmer or ‘Menes’, which means “he who endures” initiated the annexation of Northern Egypt from the South thereby uniting Upper and Lower Egypt to create the Egypt’s First Dynasty circa 3 000 BC.

Narmer originally ruled over the Southern Upper Nome of Thinis from where he led a coalition of leaders known as the “Thinite Confederacy’’ which subsequently conquered and combined all the Nomes or Cities of Upper and Northern Lower Egypt into one United Kingdom.  

Menes then created the First Dynasty of Ancient Egypt by declaring himself the first Ruler of all the lands in the Nomes between Upper and Lower Egypt which would then become known as Chem or Kemet, a separate dominion from Ta-Seti.

In this way, the Nubian Africans who had settled the region before the creation of Egypt’s First Dynasty by Narmer emerged from the African Plains and went on to develop a Scientific Nile Valley Proto-Culture which would provide the foundation for the creation of the First Dynasty Of Kemet.

This journey of the Black Africans of the Nubian culture that ruled Egypt before they created Egypt’s First Dynasty can be traced into the African interior, South of Egypt in such settlements as Nabta Playa and Qustul which all predate Egypt by several Thousands years and also demonstrate the genesis of the building blocks of classical Egyptian Civilization. 

Perhaps its for this reason the Egyptians always revered the South as their place of origin by calling it Ta-Neter (Land Of The Gods).

Narmer’s creation of Egypt’s First Dynasty is captured on the Narmer Palette. which bears a striking stylistic resemblance to other Artefacts discovered at Nabta Playa and Qustul suggesting that the First Dynasty of Egypt was created by the same Nubian Africans who ruled the area and had created the Pro-Culture observed at Nabta Playa and Qustul which was characteristic of Dynastic Egypt. 

After founding Egypt’s First Dynasty, Narmer built the City of Memphis and it quickly became the commercial and cultural hub of Ancient Egypt.

For the reasons stated above, Historians like Chiekh Anta Diop in Civilization or Barabarism as well as Independent Researchers like Robert Buaval in Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins Of Ancient Egypt have concluded that before the creation of Egypt’s First Dynasty,  Egypt was ruled by Black Nubian Africans from the Southern interior who forged Egypt’s First Dynasty from the Nile Valley Proto-Culture they had developed over a period of at least 8000 years from their time in the African plains. 



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