Biggie And Tupac Feud: (Part 2)

Notorious B.I.G. Who Shot Ya Biggie and Tupac Murder investigation
The Murder of Tupac in Las Vegas by Orlando Andserson with Puffy Combs and Bad Boy Records

Biggie And Tupac Feud

Biggie And Tupac Feud: Who Shot Ya? (Part 2)



‘I would have told Pac not to stomp out Orlando’

(The Game: Start From Scratch)

Game’s lines spell out what the streets always knew about the Biggie and Tupac feud especially on ‘Pac’s shooting, which is also confirmed by the outcome of the Murder Rap Taskforce Investigation…Tupac was shot by Southside Crip Orlando ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson after a beatdown handed to Anderson at the MGM Grand by the Deathrow camp.

The Tupac episode of the Biggie And Tupac Feud had its origins in the vicious Death Row attack on Anderson rooted in an earlier incident at the Lakewood Mall in LA, when Anderson snatched a Death Row Records Chain from Travon Lane, one of Suge Knight’s Blood Gang affiliates.

Travon spotted Orlando Anderson in the MGM Hotel lobby that night, and whispered into ‘Pac’s ear. In a few seconds Orlando Anderson was served a severe beatdown.

The incident was captured on CCTV which led to Prison time for Suge Knight. Within a few hours of the beating, Tupac was shot and killed on the Las Vegas strip marking the ominous end to the first chapter in the Biggie And Tupac Feud.


The Confession

As to the identity of the first Shooter in the Biggie And Tupac Feud, the Murder Rap Taskforce was able to secure a taped confession from Keffe D, a High Ranking member of Orlando Anderson’ Southside Crip set who was present in the car that fired the fatal shots.

In the recorded confession, he confirms that Orlando Anderson did in-fact shoot Tupac as he takes us into the events of that night from the MGM Grand fight right through to the shooting.



As to the circumstances surrounding the confession, Murder Rap Taskforce Lead Investigator Greg Kading details how Keffe D was cornered in a Narcotics investigation which led to the recorded confession made in the presence of Keffe D’s Attorney as a means of evading the charge.

So the outcome of the Murder Rap Taskforce investigation remains consistent with what was already the generally accepted theory on Tupac’s death, the only difference is that its added significant weight to it.



Dead Or alive?

Despite the official word on Tupac’s death, the ‘alive’ rumors still persist.

Even though I was aware of it when we did previous articles on Tupac, I did not share his official autopsy photo because of the controversy surrounding it.

Kading however confirms that it is indeed a genuine photo of Tupac’s autopsy taken in a Las Vegas Morgue and forming part of the official Investigation record, so I’ve decided to share it below for those who may have not come across it.


Tupac autopsy Who Shot Ya?


The outcome of the Murder Rap Taskforce Investigation into Tupac’s murder has not only  confirmed what was already known, it has added a significant amount of credibility to the Orlando Anderson theory.

In the final analysis, Tupac’s life represents both a tragedy and a triumph.

The tragedy lies in the loss of such a spirited individual admired by the world and his own family to street violence, and the triumph lies in his enduring legacy which continues to inspire us today.

We’ve included a short video interview done with Afeni shortly after ‘Pac’s death in which she revealed her pain over Tupac’s death as well as her struggle with Deathrow Records Boss Suge Knight to get access to Tupac’s outstanding Royalties and unreleased recordings…Its quite sobering.


‘Pac will always be a legend, and we play out with ‘Starin’ Thru My Rearview’, a deep Fan favourite together with Me Against The World my favourite Tupac Album, and his best in my view.


Our featured Home Page video is Tupac’s classic in-depth ‘In His Own Words’ Interview with Sway following the release of ‘All Eyez On Me’ in which Tupac bares his Soul on the ’94 shooting, his imprisonment as well as the Beef with Biggie and Badboy Records.

Join us for Part 3 as we look at the startling revelations of the Murder Rap Taskforce’s investigation into Biggie’s murder.


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