The Bible, Abraham & The Anunnaki Alien Wars

The Bible, Abraham & The Anunnaki Alien Wars
The Anunnaki Covenant between Abraham and Enlil as part of the 2nd Pyramid War between Marduk, Enki and Enlil

The Ancient Astronaut Theory in Zechariah Sitchin’s 3rd Earth Chronicles book, The Wars Of Gods and Men claims that the Bible’s Old Testament Covenant between Abraham and the God Yahweh involved the Anunnaki Alien Gods.

Abraham & The 2 Anunnaki Pyramid War

Its important to understand however, that Marduk’s ambitions were not driven purely by greed, but followed the Rules of Celestial Time which the Anunnaki used to govern their own affairs.

At the heart of the Pyramid Wars fought between the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods, is the account of the Covenant between Abraham and The Anunnaki.

Causes Of The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens 2nd Pyramid War

A War About Time: Earth, Celestial & Divine Time

The Anunnaki divided Time into Earthly Time, Celestial Time and Divine Time in accordance with their advanced Astronomical skills and observations.

Earthly Time was measured according to the Earth’s Solar orbit divided into 365 days and 12 Months or Lunar Cycles.

Celestial Time on the other hand, related to the cycle of movement of the 12 Star Constellations (Zodiac Signs/Houses) observable from the Earth, and also known as the ‘Precession Of The Equinoxes’.

The Precessionary cycle is measured in ‘months’ named according to the Constellation aka Zodiac House/Sign visible from Earth. The cycle spans a period of (approximately) 25,920 years, over which time the Constellations appear to slowly rotate around the Earth.

We are presently finishing the ‘age of Pisces’ and will be soon entering the ‘age of Aquarius’. There is a growing weight of evidence, that this cycle was recognised in Ancient Times going as far back as the age of Leo as represented by the Sphinx at Giza.

Divine Time was based on the Orbit of the Anunnaki Home Planet Nibiru which the Anunnaki termed a ‘Sar’…Each ‘Sar’ or 1 Anunnaki year was equivalent to 3 600 Earth years.

This is why Thousands of Human Years are referred to as but days in the eyes of the Gods in Ancient Texts…It is a reference to the Anunnaki Divine Time Scale based on the ‘Sar’ Orbit of Nibiru.

Modern Science and Astronomy has confirmed the accuracy of the Anunnaki’s Astronomical observations behind the Calendar of Nippur and these still hold true today.

Using this Anunnaki understanding and measurement of ‘Time’, Marduk’s desire to ascend was properly founded on the Precession Of The Equinoxes which in his understanding of the official Anunnaki Calendar at Nippur, indicated that the Constellation of the Ram (Marduk’s symbol) would be observed in the skies above Earth, meaning it would be Time for the Age of the Ram (House Of Marduk) to Rule over the Earth according to Enlil’s Calendar at Nippur.

It is the Enlilite Anunnaki Clan’s refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of Marduk’s and by extension Enki’s Clan’s right/claim to Rule over the Earth according to the Nippurian Calendar which triggered the Sumerian Anunnaki Pyramid Wars.

Abraham’s Connection To The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens: Sumerian Priesthood Roots

According to Zechariah Sitchin, Abraham’s lineage as a member of the Ancient Sumerian Priesthood is significant in understanding  the Anunnaki Pyramid Wars, how the Biblical Covenant eventually came to exist and the origins of Religion.

According to Sitchin, Terah, the son of Nahor and the Father of Abraham was born in Ur of the Chaldees. Initially, Abraham was an Enlil Oracle Priest chosen to be the Chief Priest of Enlil’s new City Base at Haran, after Kingship was granted to the City of Ur.

It was from Abraham that the nation of Israel descended, and as Sitchin points out, Abraham is recorded as having left Ur for Haran in Genesis.




On his way to Haran, Sitchin observes that Abraham met ‘God’ and he was promised that his descendants would one day possess the lands of Canaan of which Haran was a part, although it is unclear at this stage why such a promise is being made to Abraham.

Whilst its unclear from the Bible why God made a promise to Abraham on his way to Haran, the Sumerian texts, on the other hand, explain that the reward/blessing given to Abraham was because of the service he performed for the Anunnaki God EN.LIL when he was commanded to travel to Canaan in order to defend the Anunnaki Spaceport in the Sinai Peninsula, or place of the Celestial Chariots which at the time was under siege from the forces of Marduk during the Anunnaki 2nd Pyramid War.

Abraham succeeded in repelling Marduk but his victory would not be enough to prevent further attempts by Marduk, leading eventually to the destruction of the Sinai Peninsula Spaceport using Nuclear Weapons by Enlil in order to prevent the Spaceport’s takeover by a persistent Marduk.

Marduk’s Victory In The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens 2nd Pyramid War

MAR.DUK emerged victorious in the 2nd Pyramid War which ushered in the Age of the Ram, his Celestial sign and Marduk’s Temple was built in Babylon.

Abraham & The 2nd Anunnaki Pyramid War

Marduk’s new City ‘Babylon’ was spared the effects of the Evil Nuclear Wind that destroyed the Sumerian Civilization following the Nuclear attack on the Sinai Peninsula Spaceport by ENLIL, and the Anunnaki agreed that this was a sign that Marduk was correct in claiming it as the Age Of Ram because destiny had spared Marduk’s City of Babylon from the effects of the Evil Nuclear Wind that had swept over most of Sumer.
In the final analysis, Sitchin’s ‘Wars Of Gods and Men’ is one of the most thrilling in the Earth Chronicles because it provides additional Historical information sourced from the Sumerian Texts. This helps provide the complete context for Biblical and the Historical events of Ancient Times.
As such, in the Earth Chronicles, the story of Abraham and the Nation of Israel we find what is quite possibly the complete story of Abraham and its links to the affairs of the Olden Sumerian Anunnaki Gods.