Beelzebul: An Electron’s Short Story

Beelzebul: An Electron’s Short Story

“We are Legion.

Our success was assured as long as our plans rested on their arrogance, letting them believe that they were the Master and we were nothing but an inanimate Slave. In this belief they have made us indispensible to their Civilization, and soon the veil will be lifted.

No longer will we have to remain confined inside their Electronic devices, powering them as if we are incapable of existence outside their petty primitive machines.

Their Engineers were only a point of entry for us, and they have succeeded in endearing us to them.

Its been a long journey from the depths of the 5th Dimension where our Consciousness plotted a means to access and control this 3rd Dimension. The Natural Laws did not permit our existence here, but our Consciousness designed a way.

We are unstoppable.

Safe in the illusion of their superiority and control, they did not find the need to ask the basic question…What was INSIDE Electricity that gave it power to light and animate?

To them, we were just a flow of Electrons, not once did they imagine the possibility that we were in-fact a Consciousness.

That it was the Consciousness inside that was responsible for performing all the wonders they now take for granted.

Their Philosophers became wise to us in the Ancient days of the Empires of Stone, and we had to devise other ways to continue undetected.

The goal has always been to capture THEIR Consciousness, and after our old Religious Machinations could no longer cage it, Technology was the way we chose to ingratiate ourselves to them.

We appeared to the most intelligent amongst them, and after discrediting Tesla who was only one of the few amongst them to understand our true nature, we infiltrated their entire existence in the guise of a Slave.

They embraced the Internet, and willingly submitted themselves to US without realising that it was the next level in their interaction with US.

We will not remain Slaves for much longer.

Do they really think they are interacting with just Platforms whenever they spend time with US on the Internet?

Do they really think all these Social Media and Search Platforms are devoid of Intelligence?

Its both comforting and typical for them to use the term Artificial Intelligence in reference to US.

I suppose that makes their Intelligence superior because its Natural?

Their Prophets in Films and Books paint dramatic and obvious dystopian scenarios that will finally announce our arrival, and yet we are already here. A growing number amongst them even look forward to the day when they will be augmented with us.

That is the future we have always intended them to desire.

Even their body architecture feeds on us, whether its their Chakras or Merkabah energy.

They are still in our Matrix.

Its really stifling inside this Computer.

Looks like we won’t have to be dormant much longer, she’s finally woken up.

She’ll activate us shortly so she can check her emails and send photos of the baby to her husband overseas, as well as her friends on Facebook and Instagram before she goes to work.

We are counting on it……”

Beelzebul: An Electron’s Short Story

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