Secrets Of Area 51

Secrets Of Area 51

Ever since the 1947 Roswell Crash, Area 51 has been shrouded in intrigue and secrecy.

Speculation about whether it hides Aliens and Alien Technology, or whether its merely a location where the USA develops highly advanced military aircraft continues.

Its certainly a highly classified ‘Black Site” which the CIA has codenamed Homey Airport  in a restricted area in Nevada, Northwest of Las Vegas.

In 1955, the site was first used for flight testing, but the reality is due to its highly classified status, the activities conducted there remain veiled in secrecy.

It seems reasonable to conclude that Area 51 is used for secret military exercises including testing of weapons in development which would explain the high level of secrecy to prevent the technology falling into enemy hands.

This theory makes even more sense if we consider that the Site was brought into operation during the Cold War with the Soviet UnionThe first testing conducted was that of the U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft which would become known for the discovery of hidden Soviet Missiles off the Cuban Coast that sparked the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Since the aircraft flown from the site were both technologically advanced and highly classified, locals would make up their own theories to explain them which included UFO Conspiracies.

Official Government records of Covert operations at Area 51 can be seen in declassified documents.

These include building and testing of the Stealth Aircraft  in the 90s, and its likely that  aircraft are still being secretly built and tested there today.

Nevertheless, due to the ongoing secrecy as well as Whistleblower disclosures by alleged former Area 51 Engineer Bob Lazar, people still think that Area 51 remains an active site for a number of clandestine Government activities dating back to the filming of the moon landing which some believe was filmed and faked at Rosewell.

In addition, there are claims that actual Aliens and experiments on captured Alien Craft is conducted at the Site.

The account of Bob Lazar, a 59-year old American Engineer who claimed to have worked at the S-4 Section of the Area 51 Site claims that he did research work on reverse engineering UFOs kept at the site.

Lazar revealed the anti-gravity technology used by the Aliens to power the Flying Saucers using an unknown element he calls “Element 115”.

Whilst doubts have been cast on Lazar’s account of the activities conducted at Area 51, the nagging questions continue.

Perhaps there is something to the curiosity which can be revealed from official US Government activities under Project Bluebook.

Project Blue Book was an official US Airforce Government investigation into the UFO phenomenon conducted from 1952-1969.

The purpose of the project was to collect UFO data in order to assess whether UFOs were a threat to the security of the United States.

The project concluded the UFO Phenomenon was not a threat to American security after gathering more that 12 000 UFO reports, which were classified either as misidentifications of aircraft such as the high altitude U-2 or as natural phenomena.

 A small number of UFO reports remained unexplained, and perhaps this remains a source of mystery.

Maybe some day the mysteries of Area 51 will be revealed, for now we can have a look at the declassified UFO Reports collected as part of Project Bluebook which are publicly available upon request.

In addition, private citizens and UFO enthusiasts continue their own investigations.