Lost Book Of Enki Memoirs Of An Extraterrestrial God (Part 1)

The Lost Book Of Enki Memoirs Of An Extraterrestrial Anunnaki Alien God
The Anunnaki Rule and dominion over mankind according to the Lost Book of Enki By Afrika Is Woke Magazine

One of the most signficant Archaeological discoveries in the field of Sumerian studies was the discovery of the first modern Library known to man at the site of the Palace of King Ashurbinapal  in Niniveh, Iraq where more than 25 000 Clay Tablets written in Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform script were unearthed and subsequently translated.

Amongst these Tablets was a Text titled:  ‘Lost Book Of Enki: Memoirs of An Extraterrestrial God’.

Sumerian Anunnaki God Lost Book Of Enki Creation Of Man Adama Garden Of Eden

What is contained in these Tablets  predates the Torah, Bible and Koran by at least 5000 years, and Archaeological research strongly suggests that the Torah, Bible and Koran contain shortened versions of the original tales as told in full in the Sumerian records unearthed at Nineveh including the Lost Book Of Enki .

In this entry we  go to the original Lost Book Of Enki, Tablet by Tablet. The events depicted here in the Sumerian Anunnaki Lost Book Of Enki are supposed to have started about 450 000 years ago:

First Tablet
Describes, the Annunaki Home Planet, Nibiru’s place in the Solar system, describing how a dwindling atmosphere on Nibiru was causing climate changes.
Gold was needed to restore the atmosphere but could not be found in sufficient amounts on Nibiru.
Meanwhile, a Royal succession dispute between Anu and Alalu results in Alalu fleeing Nibiru aboard s stolen nuclear-armed Spacecraft.
He sets course for Planet Ki (Earth) which according to Annunaki Cosmological knowledge should have Gold.

Second Tablet
Alalu lands and discovers Gold on Earth and forges a plan to reclaim Nibiru’s Kinsghip and relays the news to Nibiru’s Royal Council.

Third Tablet
The Royal Council decides to dispatch a verification mission. Out of the two choices, Enki and Enlil, both Anu’s Sons, Enki is chosen to lead the mission.
The mission finds Alalu and lands setting up a Central command base at Eridu (Eden), Home Away from Home, which is established in Six days, and on the 7th day Enki declared a day of rest.
Extraction of Gold begins.

Fourth Tablet
The Nibiruans hail the Gold delivery, and Tests of Gold’s use as an atmospheric shield on Nibiru succeed but much more Gold is needed. So additional Missions and Equipment are sent to Earth.
Enki discovers Gold in Abzu (Southern Africa), and he is tasked with leading a Mission there. Enlil stays in charge of the original command post at Edin.

Fifth Tablet
The Annunaki Royal Council sends Princess Ninmah to support the Earth mission and she arrives on Earth with a group of female nurses.
She brings and sows seeds to grow new plants, and Princess Ninmah joins Enki in the Abzu, bearing him daughters.
Enki’s real spouse Ninki, eventually arrives with their son, Marduk, and Annunaki Clans form on Earth as Enki and Enlil beget more sons.
The Annunaki originally sent from Nibiru find the Gold mining work in the Abzu and at Edin exhausting, so they rebel against Enki and Enlil.
A decision is made to continue the Gold mining operations using artificially fashioned Primitive Workers to replace the Annunaki.

ninhursag my hands have made it sumerian anunnaki human genetic engineering

Sixth Tablet
To the complete surprise but keen interest of the Annunaki Enki reveals a secret:
In the Abzu there roams a wild Being akin to the Anunnaki, and he thinks by combining its ‘life essence’ (DNA) with that of the Anunnaki, it can be upgraded to be an intelligent Primitive Worker.
Enlil and the other leadership were initially opposed to the idea, because it was a creative act they believed was beyond what was permitted, and it properly belonged to the True Creator of all beginnings and not the Annunaki themselves as lesser creations.
Eventually because of the pressure to mine the Gold and also because Ninmah convinced the Leadership that they were only modifying an Existing Being, the Genetic Experiment was authorised.
After many failures the perfect-model they called, ‘Adamu’ was attained and Ninmah shouted triumphantly: ‘My hands have made it!’
Ti-Amat, a female version of the ‘Adamu’ is created and the two mate, but being hybrids, they do not produce offspring.
An additional but unauthorised DNA modification designed to allow procreation is made to ‘Adamu’ and ‘Ti-Amat’s’ DNA.
However, they were not initially designed to Procreate, and when Enlil in charge of the Edin Command Station found out about the unauthorised modification to Adamu and Ti-Amat’s DNA allowing them to Procreate, he ordered that they be expelled from the Annunaki Command Station at Edin, and s€ent to Enki at the Abzu Station.

Seventh Tablet
Returned to the Abzu, Adamu and Ti-Amat bear children, and the Earthlings proliferate, working in the mines and as servants.
Anunnaki also bear offspring on Earth and further interbreed with the Earthlings they created.
Enki himself mates with two Earthling females, and one bears a son, Adapa, the other a daughter, Titi.
Keeping his parenting a secret, Enki raises them and Adapa, highly intelligent, becomes the first Civilized Man.

Adapa and Titi later mate, and have two sons: Ka-in and Abael.