Anunnaki In The Bible & World History

Why Gold Was Important To The Anunnaki

According to Zechariah Sitchin’s Ancient Astronaut Theory, the Anunnaki played a direct role in human History recorded in the Bible starting with the creation of Man to the construction and destruction of the Ancient Civilizations of Mesopotamia.

In this entry, we consider the History of the Anunnaki Ancient Aliens in the Bible and world history.

The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens Pre-Flood Civilization

The first period of Anunnaki activity began before the great deluge/flood  recorded in the Bible as Noah’s Flood.

Arriving on Earth around 445 000 BC, the first Anunnaki settlement was set up at Eridu in the region that was named the Edin or Earth Station 1.

From Eridu, Gold was first sought in the waters around Mesopotamia until it was determined that greater deposits were to be found in the Abzu which is thought to be in the region of the Southern African Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe.

By 400,000 BC a total of eight cities had been completed with the city of Nippur serving as Mission Control Center.

According to the Tablets Of Creation, the need for a labour force to take over the Gold-mining work resulted in the creation of a Primitive Worker or Homo sapiens sapiens  by fusing Homo Erectus and Anunnaki DNA.

For close to 11, 000, 000 years Hominid like Apes had already been present on Earth, and the progression from the most Primitive to Homo Erectus took Millions of years.

However, the transition to Homo Sapien Man or modern Man appears to have taken place in approximately 40 000 years.

Prior to the alleged arrival of the Anunnaki, Evolution had progressed very slowly or rather normally with Millions of years passing before the arrival of the next Hominid Ape species.

There does not appear to be an explanation, either environmental or otherwise as to why the emergence of modern man only took Tens of Thousands of years when every other progression had taken Millions if not Hundreds and Thousands of years at the very least.

The Adama Prototype created according to the Sumerian Texts initiated an era in which Humans began to serve and assist the Anunnaki Gods in the various Pre-Flood Cities until the Great Deluge around 12 000 BC when most of the Pre-Flood Cities and Human Settlements were destroyed.

The Deluge marked the end of the period known to the Anunnaki as the Olden Times which is recorded in the Bible’s Book of Genesis.

The Post-Flood Anunnaki Civilization Of Sumeria

After the Flood, and around 10,500 BC, the Anunnaki established a new Spaceport Control Centre in the Sinai Peninsula on Mount Moriah, the future site of Jerusalem.

In addition, the Mesopotamian and Nile Valley Regions were divided between Anunnaki Princes Enki and Enlil.

A new landing site connected to the main Control Centre in the Sinai Peninsula was built in Egypt, with the Anunnaki building Pyramid Peaked Structures in order to guide their Spacecraft to the new landing site due to an absence of natural topography in the area of the new facility.

However, succession Wars between the Anunnaki Gods of Egypt would lead to the 1st and 2nd Pyramid Wars which eventually led to Kingship under Horus in Egypt, and the formation of the first Human Egyptian Dynasty under Menes following the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt after the Pyramid Wars.

It is also around this time that Anunnaki Supreme God, ANU informed the Anunnaki that the Earth was to be inherited by the Humans and not the Anunnaki, and for this reason, Kingship was to be established and granted to selected Earthlings in the following regions in order to teach Humans the knowledge, science and arts of Civilization:

  • Mesopotamia in the land between the Tigris and Euphrates under Enlil;
  • Nile Valley under Enki;
  • Indus Valley under the Enlilite Goddess Inana.
  • The neutral Sinai Peninsula Spaceport for maintaining contact with Nibiru.

An additional region in MesoAmerica was also established under Ningishzidda (Thoth), and it was to become known as the realm of the Plumed Serpent Quetzalcoatl.

These events are also recorded in the Bible as the basis for the Covenant between Yahweh and Abraham.

The Sumerian record seems to suggest that Abraham was actually recruited by Anunnaki God Enlil in order to raise an army to prevent the take over of the Sinai Spaceport by Marduk.

Abraham’s battle with the Elamites as recorded in the Bible’s Book of Genesis was actually in support of Enlil, and after success in defending the Spaceport Abraham was promised a Child and many decendants as a reward by Enlil.

Later on a decision was made to destroy the spaceport with Nuclear weapons to prevent its takeover by the opposing faction led by Marduk, an event which is also recorded in the Bible as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Sumerian Anunnaki Ancient Aliens Divine Kingship On Earth Begins

The Mesopotamian City of Kish was the first to be awarded Divine Kingship around 3,760 BC.

It is in the constant Wars between the Anunnaki for the control of the Earthly Divine Kingship that a significant number of Wars which shaped both the Ancient and Modern world occurred.

Historically, these Persian Wars, the most significant of which led to the world’s first Empire under the Amorites led by Sargon Of Akkad were apparently the direct result of Anunnaki influence and direction…For instance, Sargon Of Akkad credits his success to Anunnaki Goddess Innanna/Ishtar claiming that she directly assisted and fought in the Wars that led to the formation of the Akkadian Empire.

When Anunnaki Prince Marduk claimed that according to Celestial signs, the Age of the Ram in which he would rule the Earth had arrived, he embarked on a campaign that would also destabilize the Mesopotamian Region,  re-entering the Enlilite lands of Mesopotamia conquering Nippur, defiling Enlil’s Temple and establishing his new Temple at Babylon.

Marduk’s plans to control the neutral Spaceport facility in the Sinai Peninsula led to the Enlilites destroying the site with Nuclear Weapons as described in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

As a result of the Nuclear Weapons unleashed, around 2024 BC the entire Sumerian Civilization was destroyed by a Nuclear Wind, and only Marduk’s new City at Babylon was spared.  ~

From Marduk’s Babylon new Dynasties were established under the Amorite King Hammurabi who credited Marduk for bestowing Kingship on him.

The Amorites would find themselves contending with the Assyrians and Hittites for power in the Region, with each group claiming inspiration and guidance from a particular Anunnaki Clan.

As the Assyrian Empire formed and collapsed with the conquest of Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar II, events culminated in the rise of Cyrus The Great and his conquest of Babylon on behalf of Marduk as he overthrew King Nabonaidus for abandoning the worship of Marduk in favour of the Enlilite Moon God Sin.

Once again this activity of the Anunnaki Ancient Aliens is recorded in the Bible’s Old Testament as Cyrus is depicted as Yahweh’s Servant by the Old Testament Prophets since the conquest of Babylon enabled the Jews to return from exile in order to build the Second Jewish Temple.

The Persian Empire established by Cyrus The Great would reign supreme until it was conquered by Alexander The Great whose claim to be a Demi-God may have been rooted in an attempt to portray his conquests as a continuation of the Wars and agenda of the Olden Gods of the Ancient Anunnaki World.

Greece’s conquest of Persia and Egypt under Alexander effectively brought the land of the olden Gods under Greek control.

Following the death of Alexander The Great, his Kingdom was divided, paving the way for the rise of the Roman Republic and the course of Ancient History as we commonly understand it.

Conclusion: Legacy Of The Sumerian Anunnaki Ancient Aliens In The Bible & Ancient History

The role of the Anunnaki Alien Gods in the Bible and World History is explicitly acknowledged by Ancient Kings like Sargon of Akkad, Hammurabi, Nabonoidus and Cyrus The Great who left seals and monuments that explicitly credit the Olden Anunnaki Gods with playing an active, literal and direct role in their ascension to power.

The Old Testament also contains references to acts of God that can be fully understood in the context of the ongoing Anunnaki Ancient Alien Wars for supremacy and control of the Earth starting with the First Pyramid War.

It would seem that the Bible and the origins of Yahweh in the Old Testament can be more completely understood by factoring in the alternative Historical account of Anunnaki Ancient Alien activity.

It would seem that the debate centers on whether these inscriptions relate literal truth or are simply Myths and Propaganda designed to justify the King’s power in accordance with the Divine Kingship tradition.

In helping to resolve this question, the claims made in the Anunnaki Texts concerning the creation of Man, the establishment of the Pre-Flood and Post-Flood Civilizations as well as the Archaeological evidence unearthed so far seem to suggest that the claims made in the Sumerian Texts are based on literal accounts as the people that wrote them understood it.

However, certain Texts like Babylon’s Enuma Elish in which Marduk replaced Enlil, placing himself the centre of both Pre-Flood and Post-Flood Mesopotamian Civilization dating to the era of the Olden Gods also suggest that the Sumerian Texts themselves cannot be taken literally at all times since they were also produced under the weight and circumstances of the time, and in certain instances reflected the agenda of the Author/s rather than actual Historical events.

Nevertheless, it may also be a mistake to dismiss all the contents of the Sumerian Texts referring to the role of the Anunnaki in world affairs as pure Mythology, and as more evidence comes to light, we may be able to arrive at a more balanced understanding of the actual role played by the Anunnaki in our History which at the very least seems more prominent than is presently acknowledged.