Space Colony Problems: The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens In The Bible From Genesis To Revelation

From the Book of Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is embedded in the story of the Anunnaki Ancient Aliens Civilization of Mesopotamia.

Whilst the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis is subject to legitimate criticism, at its core it tells the story of a Tribe struggling with the unanticipated issues that come with establishing a Space Colony.

The Anunnaki In Genesis

The Anunnaki Ancient Alien presence in the Bible appears in Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 2:10-14 which refer to a conversation in which the Creator states that ‘Let us create man in our own image’ and that the Gold in the land of Eden was good.

Christianity and other similar Abrahamic faiths have struggled to reconcile this verse with the notion of a single diety or explain the reference to Gold.

The Genesis story starts to make more sense however once we consider Ancient Mesopotamian Texts such as Babylons’s Enuma Elish’s ‘7 Tablets Of Creation’ one of the texts that the Biblical authors drew from.

In the end, we have the mysterious reference to a group Gods who create Man or the ‘Adamu’ in their own image and place him in a Garden called Eden where they are happy with the Gold explained as the activities of a group of Gods who collectively decided to create mankind for the purposes of mining gold.

More sense can then also be made of  other major events that occur in the early parts of Genesis like the temptation of Adam and Eve, Cain’s murder of Abel and the Great Flood.

In particular, the temptation of Adam and Eve is seen to be a summary of a Sumerian story in which Anunnaki rival Gods Enki and Enlil are at odds over the decision to grant mankind the same intelligence as the Anunnaki ‘Gods’ themselves i.e. The Tree of Knowledge versus the long life of the Gods i.e. the Tree of Life.

The story ends with Man having eaten from the Tree of Knowledge even though it was not the decision of the Chief Anunnaki God Enlil together with the Anunnaki Council of Gods.

Man did not of the fruit of the Tree of Life meaning he was Genetically Engineered to be as intelligent as the Gods but cannot live as long as them.

This decision would come to haunt the Anunnaki as mankind continued to demand the long life of the Gods which led to Propaganda like the Epic of Gilgamesh suggesting that Humans should reconcile themselves with their mortality according to the Decree of the Anunnaki that they cannot live as long as the Anunnaki Ancient Alien Gods.

In the meantime, the rest of the Anunnaki isolated on the Earth colony and in need of sexual pleasure or perhaps companionship begin to have sexual relationships with the Human Primitive Workers.

The result were half-breed Demi-Gods like Gilgamesh, King of Uruk also referred to as the ‘Nephilim’.

Nephilim Anunnaki In The Bible

The Genesis story of the Great Flood also appears in the Sumerian Texts, as a story of the deliberate extermination of mankind by the Anunnaki at the instance of Enlil and the Anunnaki Council because of overpopulation.

Enlil was particularly irritated by the voracious appetites of the primitive worker for both food and sex.

A decision was therefore made to let the primitive workers drown in a coming flood that would result from a Tidal Wave caused by the melting of a Polar Ice cap.

Once again, in defiance of Enlil’s orders and those of the Anunnaki Council, Enki the Anunnaki Chief Scientist and Genetic Engineer of mankind resolved to save mankind in order to preserve some of the work already carried out by the Anunnaki since creating the Earth colony.

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Abraham & Yahweh Covenant

One of the next major episodes is that of Abraham and the Yahweh Covenant in which Abraham was promised a reward of countless descendants in return for being Yahweh’s loyal servant.

Once again, the true background story that emerges from the Sumerian Record is of the ongoing rivalry between Enki and Enlil.

Abraham is essentially recruited by Enlil in the 2nd Anunnaki Pyramid War in order to counter the offensive for the disputed Anunnaki Earth Kingship led by Enki’s Son Marduk who contended that it was his turn to rule the Earth based on the fact that according to the Anunnaki Calendar kept at Enlil’s Sumerian City Of Nippur, Astronomical Celestial Observations based on the precession of the Equinoxes indicated that the Earth was now in the Constellation of the Ram which was Marduk’s Celestial sign.

This meant it was Marduk’s turn to rule as per the agreed Protocols recorded in the MEs kept by the Anunnaki to guide the growth of the Earth Civilization which had been given by the Anunnaki Council from the Anunnaki Home Planet Nibiru when the Earth Colony was first established.

Typically, the accuracy of Marduk’s Astronomical observations was disputed by the Enlilites who with the aid of Enki’s Son Ningshiizida or Thoth went as far constructing other Observatories suspected to be at Stone Henge and in Meso-America all with the aim of ‘proving’ that the Celestial sign above the Earth had not yet crossed over from the sign of the Bull (Enlil’s sign) to that of the Ram (Marduk’s sign) in order defeat Marduk’s claim to the Earthly Kingship.

It was in the midst of this ongoing Anunnaki dispute that Enlil (Yahweh) approached Abraham who was descended from Tehrah a Priest at the Anunnaki Temple at the Enlilite City of Ur in order to counter the Marduk offensive for the Earthly Kingship.

From the base at Harran chosen for him by Enlil, Abraham was groomed and helped by Enlil to build an Army on behalf of Enlil which fought against Marduk’s Elamite forces for the control of the Sinai. 

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The Destruction Of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Rise Of Babylon

After being thwarted by Enlil in his efforts to build his own Spaceport at the Tower Of Babel incident so he could contact the Anunnaki Home Planet Nibiru to complain about the Enlilites’ refusal to acknowledge his claim to the Earthly Kingship, Marduk resolved to take control of the Sinai Peninsula Spaceport established by the Anunnaki after the Great Flood.

Anunnaki In The Bible Abraham Sodom Gomorrah

Unable to completely defend the Spaceport, Enlil and the Anunnaki Council resolved to destroy the Spaceport using Nuclear weapons brought from Nibiru and which had been hidden in a secret location in Africa.

Lot, the nephew of Yahweh’s loyal servant Abraham lived close to the Cities of Sodom and Gommorah near the Spaceport, and so ‘Angels’ are sent to warn him of the coming disaster so he could evacuate together with his family.

The story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah details the entire saga as the Cities are destroyed when Enlil launches the weapons that destroy the Spaceport as well as the surrounding human settlements which included the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The launch of Nuclear weapons proves disastrous however as a Nuclear cloud spreads over Mesopotamia with the result that all the Cities and work of the Anunnaki Colonial Project is destroyed with the exception of one City…Marduk’s new City Babylon.

This is taken as a sign that Marduk was correct in interpreting the Celestial signs according to the MEs, and that fate declared that he should rule the Earth.

As a result, Babylon becomes the pre-eminent Mesopotamian City until it was conquered by Cyrus the Great.

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The Conquest of Babylon By Cyrus The Great

Jeremiah and Daniel contain Prophecies on the destruction of Babylon by Yahweh’s Servant so the Israelites could be freed from exile in Babylon.

Babylon was indeed conquered by Cyrus The Great in 539 BC, and one of his first acts in the name of ‘God’ was to release the Israelites from exile so they could return to Israel and rebuild the 2nd Temple.

The Israelites considred him a servant of Yahweh but in his own victory cylinder known as the Cyrus Cylinder Seal which can be viewed at the British Museum today, he credits his victory explicitly to the Anunnaki God Marduk.

Whilst dismissed as propaganda by mainstream history, there was a conflict between the Anunnaki Gods Sin and Marduk for the control of Babylon.

In brief, King Nabonaidus had abandoned the Cult of Marduk which had been responsible for founding the Cty of Bablyon in favour of the Cult of rival Anunnaki Moon God Sin who belonged to Enlil’s Clan.

Anunnaki In The Bible Cyrus Cylinder Seal

In response, Marduk recruited Cyrus to confront King Nabonaidus on his behlaf in order to regain control of Babylon from Anunnaki Moon God Sin.

The reference to the ‘sins’ committed by Nabonaidus in the Cyrus Cylinder seal that led to the conquest of Babylon may be in reference to the abandonment of Babylon’s ‘genuine’ God, Marduk in favour of rival Moon God Sin.

The result was the Persian Empire, the return of Israelites to their homeland and the building of the 2nd Jewish Temple.

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The Anunnaki In Revelations

The ‘end times’ of the nation of Israel after the 2nd Temple appear in the apocalyptic work of Revelations.

However, Revelations was itself borrowed from earlier Apocalyptic literature, in particular the Book of Daniel written in Babylon.

Daniel was itself influenced by earlier Sumerian apocalyptic literature rooted in the political Sagas and Wars of the Anunnaki Kingdom of Babylon in which he was exiled.

In particular, Babylonian Propaganda Texts written to mythologise the Anunnaki God Marduk, praising him for his exploits and victory during the 2nd Pyramid War were widespread and influential.

The propaganda Texts also recounted some of the events of the 2nd Pyramid War such as the destruction of Cities and the defiling of Temples as the people awaited the return of ‘The Silent One’ (Marduk a.k.a. Amun Ra) whose 2nd Pyramid War legend recounted his period of exile in Egypt as he fled  Mesopotamia from the Enlilites led by Inanna/Ishtar.

From Egypt, Marduk (Ra) regrouped and launched his campaign against Enlil when the Celestial signs were in place, leading ultimately to the rise of Bablyon.

The story in Revelation is therefore a retelling of the Ancient Babylonian myths of the events and signs that would lead to the return of Marduk, the glorious Saviour King of the City of Babylon.

Ultimately, Revelations also emerges as a retelling of the Ancient Mesopotamian Texts applied to the Israelite conditions and culture of the time.


The Sumerian story of the Anunnaki Ancient Aliens is deeply embedded in the Bible.

However, it can perhaps be understood not as a Religious story, but more as the story of the intrigues and dramas of a Tribe that had settled a new Space Colony and was struggling to control it, and deal with all the unexpected issues and competing interests that emerged.

The Mesopotamian Texts borrowed to create the Bible were thus the Political Propaganda of the Sumerian Civilization, and not Religious in nature as we understand the term.

As we prepare to conquer space and establish a Colony on Mars, the dramas and intrigues in the Babylonian story of the Anunnaki which are embedded in the Bible may also play out as we develop Government, Politics, Infrastracture, Institutions and Competition amongst Corporations on Mars.

It may be necessary to develop Propaganda to control the Mars population like the Anunnaki developed myths like the Epic of Gilgamesh to convince people on Mars that life on the Planet is worthwhile despite life’s challenges or that a ‘Saviour’ expedition will be sent to rescue the Colony during a crisis.

Recently, Science Fiction Shows like ‘The Expanse’ have explored the possible Socio-Political dynamics of life in Space once we have settled on Mars, and if its anything to go by, we are in for our own fair share of Anunnaki type intrigues.

It remains to be seen who the main actors will be, and how far they will go to control the Mars Colony and its population.

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