According to Zechariah Sitchin’s The Lost Book of Enki, the Anunnaki left their Home Planet Nibiru in search of Gold to help repair its deteriorating atmosphere. Suprisingly, the same story also forms part of Traditional African Mythology which was revealed in an interview between David Icke and Zulu Traditional Healer and Educator Credo Mutwa on Africa’s Chitauri (‘The Talkers’) Reptilian Ancient Aliens.

The Gold was mined in the Abzu which some have suggested is in Southern Africa in the area of Great Zimbabwe which was placed under the control of Anunnaki Ancient Alien Prince, Enki.

After the first landing in Mesopotamia and confirmation that Gold could be obtained from the Waters in the Region, a mission initially headed by Anunnaki Prince Enki was dispatched to set up the operation beginning with the establishment of Earth Station 1, which would later become the first Sumerian City of Eridu.

Anunnaki In Africa Abzu Eridu

The Oceanic mining at Eridu did not yield sufficient quantities however, and after further exploration it was determined that significant Gold quantities could be found in the region the Anunnaki termed the Abzu.

It therefore became necessary to establish a new mining operation in the Abzu, and Enki was dispatched to lead the new mission whilst his half-brother Enlil was then also dispatched from Nibiru, and put in charge of operations of the first Earth Station established by Enki at Eridu.

The decision was made by the Chief Anunnaki King/Lord Anu, the father of both Enki and Enlill in consultation with the Anunnaki Divine Council on Nibiru, and marked a division of the Earth into two separate ‘Upper’ and ‘Lower’ Regions under the stewardship of Enki and Enlil.

Its been suggested that the description of ‘Upper’ and “Lower’ Worlds be interpreted as a reference to the Earth’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

The Northern Hemisphere being the ‘Upper World’ and the Southern Hemisphere being the ‘Lower World’.

Enlil was thus placed in charge of the Northern Hemisphere or ‘Upper World’, and Enki in turn was in charge of the Southern Hemisphere or ‘Lower World’.

As Anu’s Heir, Enlil was then appointed the Chief Supervisor of the entire mission with overall authority over both Regions.

This decision would be the cause of resentment and internal rivalries between Enki and Enlil expressed first in the Igigi Rebellion, and would eventually result in the Nuclear destruction of the Sumerian Civilization in the 2nd Pyramid War.

Location Of The Abzu: The Sumerian Lower World

The Abzu has been described as the Sumerian Lower World. If the Lower World refers to the Earth’s Southern Hemisphere, then the term ‘Lower World’ should not be confused with the Greek conception of a Netherworld or Hades.

In Sumerian Epics like the Descent of Inanna which describes Inana’s journey to the Lower World, it is described in vivid detail as an actual Anunnaki Province governed by its own set of Anunnaki nominated Rulers or Gods like Ereshkigal Queen of the Lower World.

For this reason, the description of the Abzu as the ‘Lower World’ in the Sumerian Texts should perhaps be understood as a reference to the division of the Earth between Enki and Enlil along the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

In addition, the Sumerian Texts describe the Lower World as a place that Enki could reach after traversing the ‘Waters of The Lower World’ which may possibly be a reference to the Oceanic crossing required to reach the lands of the Southern Hemisphere from the Northern Hemisphere of Mesopotamia.

Anunnaki Activities In The Abzu

The Abzu was undoubtedly the site at which the main Gold mining activities were conducted.

The story of the creation of man or ‘Primitive Worker’ through Genetic Engineering by combining the DNA of Hominids like Homo Erectus with Anunnaki DNA following the Igigi Rebellion is also recorded as having occurred in the Abzu.

In addition, Researchers  like Michael Tellinger today  contend that the Sumerian Anunnaki Gold Mining Operations that were set up in the Abzu were in Southern Africa which included the territory of Great Zimbabwe.Anunnaki Africa Abzu Great Zimbabwe

This perhaps explains why Southern Africa still produces most of the World’s Gold today with Ancient mysterious unexplained Mines and Shafts being discovered throughout Southern Africa by Mining Companies like Anglo-American. In addition, this is consistent with the Theory of Evolution’s hypothesis on the origins of mankind in Africa.

Whether the Great Zimbabwe ruins and other Ancient Stone Sites can be considered as part of an Anunnaki complex dubbed The Lost City Of Enki remains debatable and is an issue which is currently contested and under examination.

Zechariah Sitchin’s The Lost Book Of Enki provides an Account of the Anunnaki activities in the Abzu together with Michael Tellinger’s African Temples Of The Anunnaki which argues that certain sites in Southern Africa were in-fact part of the Anunnaki Complex under Enki’s control as recorded in the Sumerian Texts.

In my view, the arguments on this score are from settled, but they are nevertheless interesting to explore in order that you may draw your own conclusions.


The general consensus amongst Ancient Astronaut Theorists is that the Abzu was located in the Southern Hemisphere, and that the events described as having occurred there prior to the Great Deluge/Flood such as the Igigi Revolt and creation of the Primitive Worker all happened under Enki’s supervision in the area around Southern Africa.

As for why Gold was so important to the Anunnaki, the featured Home Page documentary provides some interesting insights as to why it made Scientific sense for a Space-faring Race like the Anunnaki to mine for Gold on Earth and to devote so much time and effort to the project.

In short, in addition to the problems with their Planet’s atmosphere, the superior qualities of Gold as a Conductor would have made it desirable for use in any Space Technology utilised by the Anunnaki…Peep it, and draw your own conclusions on that as well as the one below on the location of the Sumerian Lower World or Abzu in Southern Africa.

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