Creation Of Man By The Anunnaki

Anunnaki Creation Of Man
The true Anunnaki account of the Biblical events in the Garden of Eden showing the conflict between Enki and Enlil

According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the story in Genesis in the Bible shows that the Anunnaki created Humans.  

In books such as The Lost Book Of Enki, Sitchin gives an interpretation of the Genesis Bible story of the creation of Humans as really showing how Humans were created through an Ancient Astronaut Genetic experiment conducted by a Race of Extraterrestrial Beings known as the Anunnaki. 


Ancient Astronauts Create Humans To Mine Gold 

Sitchin suggests that the Sumerian records reveal that around 445,000 BC a total of 50 Anunnaki Ancient Astronauts landed in the area that would later become known as Mesopotamia in order to mine Gold.

The Anunnaki had ventured from their own Planet to Earth (Ki) because the atmosphere on their Planet Nibiru had deteriorated forcing them to find Off-Planet sources of Gold. It would be the quest for gold that would lead to the creation of the Humans by the Anunnaki.At first, the Ancient Astronauts tried to get Gold from the rivers of Mesopotamia in the region between the Tigris and Euphrates and there was no need for the additional labour that would eventually result in the creation of man by the Anunnaki.

However, the Anunnaki soon discovered that the amount of Gold in the Ocean was not adequate, and so the Ancient Astronaut gold-mining operation was moved to Africa where huge gold deposits were found.

As things turned out, it would be the relocation of Anunnaki Gold Mining activities to Africa that would set off the chain of events which would lead to the Ancient Astronaut decision to create Humans.

Anunnaki arrives @ Edin

The Igigi Rebellion & The Creation Of The First Man (Adamu) By The Anunnaki Ancient Astronauts

In order to assist with the gold-mining project, the Anunnaki were initially served by the Igigi until they revolted after years of hard labour, forcing the Ancient Astronauts to find an alternative labour source.

Igigi Rebellion

After a heated debate in the Anunnaki Council Of The Gods, where it was eventually decided following a suggestion by Enki, that the Igigi be replaced by the creation of a ‘Primitive Worker’ obtained by combining Anunnaki DNA with the DNA of the most advanced Primate on Planet Earth at that time, probably Homo Erectus, approximately 440,000 years ago.

It was this decision by the Ancient Astronauts that set them firmly on the path to create modern day Humans.

Anunnanki Hominids

The Anunnaki Human Creation project was headed by Anunnaki Gods Enki and Ninhursag, who were in charge of the Medical Laboratory. Anunnaki Experiments were initially unsuccessful, until the ‘Adama’ prototype was born in the Ancient Astronaut Genetics Lab by using surrogate Anunnaki Wombs.My Hands

Eventually, the other Anunnaki stationed across the different Base stations started demanding Adama prototypes of their own use, and Enki struggled to supply the demands of the other Ancient Astronauts spread across the various Anunnaki settlements or Base Stations.

Enlil leader of the Anunnaki then took matters into his own hands by forcibly taking some of the Humans created by the Anunnaki Gods Enki and Ninhursag and placed them in the Garden of Earth Station 1 to look after it.

According to Zechariah Sitchin, when Genesis says: “And the Lord took Adam, and He placed him in the Garden in Eden, to till it and tend it”, it is actually referring to the activities of Ancient Astronauts and their role in the creation of humans.

Conclusion: The Ancient Astronaut Theory & Mankind’s Creation

The Ancient Astronaut Theory continues to provoke interest and debate concerning the possibility that Humans were created by an Alien Race called the Annunaki by questioning whether the Historical Timeline of Civilization provided by the current historical paradigm is correct.

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