Dendera Zodiac: The Birth Of Astronomy & Astrology

Ancient Kemet’s Dendera Zodiac: The World's First Zodiac

The ruins of the Ancient Egyptian Temple at Dendera is where the ‘Dendera Zodiac’ which is the world’s first and oldest Zodiac which gave birth to Astronomy and Astrology was found by Napoleon during his Egyptian campaign in 1798.

The Egyptian Temple at Dendera was used in Ancient Times as the Temple for the Ancient Egyptian Diety Hathor who was originally called Het Heru in Ancient Kemet where she originated prior to the Greek conquest of Egypt.

The Dendera Zodiac was subsequently taken  by Napoleon from Egypt for display at the Louvre in Paris.

Meaning Of Dendera Zodiac: The Birth Of Astronomy & Astrology

The meaning of the Dendera Zodiac is one of the reasons it has been suggested that the Dendera Zodiac provided the basis for Astronomy and Astrology because it conveys Spiritual concepts based on Astronomical data.

In this respect,  Astrologically, the Dendera Zodiac demonstrates the Universal Cosmic Law of Correspondence which means ‘as Above so Below’ .

This Astrological concept is based on  Ancient Egyptian Astronomical information on the location and birth of the Sirius Star in the Draco Constellation.

Astrologically, the Dendera Zodiac shows the Sky and the Stars as a representation of the Universe, and in it, the God of the Earth Plane i.e. The Black Woman depicted stretching out her arms across the Sky in the Dendera Zodiac represents the Goddess Nut who is shown in the Dendera Zodiac as a microcosm or fractal of the larger macrocosm that is the Universe.

Inside the Dendera Zodiac you also have a picture of a Hippopotamus Goddess giving birth in the Blackness of Space to a Dog Star in the Constellation of Draco.

The Birth of the Dog Star in the Dendera Zodiac is an Astronomical reference to the Star Sirius.

The Sirius Star was regarded as the central Sun of our particular Universe by the Ancient Egyptians of Kemet because the Ancient Egyptians knew Sirius was the brightest Star which made Sirius the Father and thus Centre of our particular Universe.

The Dendera Zodiac thus shows the supreme archetype of Heaven as the mother Hippopotamus Goddess that gives birth to the Dog Star Sirius followed by all the other stars that form the rest of the Zodiac

In this way, the Dendera Zodiac served as a form of accurate Astronomical data whilst at the same time embodying Spiritual Concepts on the creative process of the Universe based on this Astronomical data.

For this reason,  Cyril Fagan who was a member of England’s Royal Astronomical Organization, argued that the Dendera Zodiac is proof that the Ancient Egyptians invented Astronomy and provided the foundation for Astrology.


Whilst the true age of the Dendera Zodiac may be subject to debate,  the Dendera Zodiac’s Astronomical accuracy and its metaphoren meaning are both rich and inspiring.

Its also important to note that the Dendera Temple was built in Ancient Kemet which was a very old Civilization dating back possibly at least 10 000 years.

For this reason, its been suggested that the Dendera Zodiac may be very Ancient, dating back approximately 90 000 years.

Ultimately, the importance of the Dendera Zodiac lies in the fact that it portrays how the Ancient Africans of Kemet understood the origins of our Universe, and most importantly, the role of the Woman in microcosm as a symbol of the greater macrocosm of the Universe that was born in the blackness of space also referred to as ‘the chaos of the womb of the universe’.

This understanding of the Dendera Zodiac shows how much importance the Ancient Egyptians attached to the role of the feminine principle in the process of creation.

In this way,  the Dendera Zodiac demonstrates how Religion, Spiritual ideas and concepts in Ancient Kemet or Egypt were based on Scientific thinking and not superstition.

The Dendera Zodiac In The Egyptian Mystery System

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