Ancient Greece Essay: Tips to Write a Great Paper

Ancient Greece Essay: Tips to Write a Great Paper

It’s impossible to count the number of Ancient Greek secrets. Students enjoy studying Ancient Greece because of its heroism. It was also the origin of various useful social ideas.

Political science can’t be itself without Ancient Greek philosophy too.

Furthermore, no one underappreciated the impact of the Ancient Greek play. And we haven’t mentioned the Greek pantheon of gods and myths yet! All of these themes instruct you to do the key thing. Rationalize your Ancient Greek essay with a definite thesis and good structure!

The Basic Priorities to Consider While Writing about Ancient Greece

Writing Ancient Greek essays means to be accurate with facts. You won’t believe it, but some newer events are less detailed than the older ones. We might know a lot about Spartans’ lifestyle and daily routine. But no one can still say for sure when Alexander the Great was born! Remember this when picking Ancient Greek essay topics! We appreciate the impact of Ancient Greece on cultural development around the world. But we’re unable to see how its most prosperous cities looked like. We have sufficient remaining structures like the Delphi Temple. But once you question their real look, you’ll be amazed! The city itself was more developed and encrusted with valuable materials than today’s palaces! 

Trying to proceed with fact-checking, remember about the myths. It’s too easy to be confused with the mythical events and the historical ones. Ancient Greece was a cradle for personality development. And an essay about Ancient Greece has to note it appropriately. And its leaders surely appreciate every drama and play. Nonetheless, although myths can help to understand Greek rulers, be careful. Legends can sound believable, but they aren’t actual events. For example, even Ancient Greeks would seek the truth about the Trojan War. That means that we might know even less about it than them! It happened twelve centuries B.C. Beware of writing about Achilles as a historic character here! He’s a myth himself in the first place!

Appreciate the works of Ancient Greek tragedians and philosophers. They are the ones who help us study the history of Ancient Greece now. For example, while you can opt for Plutarch’s history, dig deeper. Compare and contrast related figures! Try supporting his notions with either Sophocles’ plays or Plato’s ideas. The issue is that everything was interrelated in Ancient Greece. A lot of myths, military and philosophy studies would go along with each other. That’s why you’ll only benefit if you gather multiple sources! It will provide you with a wider perspective. Simultaneously, you’ll understand the topic better yourself. The latter is crucial for feeling confident with the thesis statement. 

Writing a Sociological or Political Ancient Greece Essay

Add the gender question in the essay on Ancient Greece. Or its absence, which is up to you. You have to assume that Ancient Greeks respected women and couldn’t let them rule as men simultaneously. While Leonidas’s wife, Queen Gorgo, was famous for her sharp wit, she couldn’t have his influence. Moreover, she came from a reputable family and deserved the highest status. And still, her regalia wasn’t enough to let her rule instead of her husband. She had to acknowledge and appreciate the decisions by the Spartan Senate. Women had no political rights in Ancient Greece. And we’re talking about the country where the term idiot comes from! Which literally means someone ignorant of political life!

Discover the political structure of the country. It was changing intensively, depending on people’s ambitions. Each city-state had its unique character and political motivations. Ancient Greek leaders had to try hard to keep the country powerful. While the country’s strength requires unity and military might, it’s difficult to maintain. A democratic community can fight on unmeaningful issues and lose to the external enemy. This is also the point where some Ancient Greek rulers became more admired than others. Keeping the country safe in whole was a challenging task. And you have to be attentive to both the external and internal factors. This research area promises an introduction to contemporary politics studies!

Avoid judgment when writing about artistic life in Ancient Greece. Concentrate on the DBQ essay structure instead. Ancient Greeks put feelings and pride about everything else. It’s much safer to discuss Ancient Greek plays and myths from a psychological point of view. Don’t try focusing on morals if you can’t tolerate one person having different lovers. Ancient Greece knew how to teach people specific values. It was a highly-developed militarist state. So it’s plays had to inspire people to be fearless. The passionate side was supporting fighters’ love for life and their mission too. The country had to bring up brave and courageous citizens.

Write a Great Essay about Ancient Greece with Individualism

When it comes to specific individuals, try comparing them! Remember, they probably related to some other historical person. For example, writing about Alexander the Great, you’ll mention Aristotle. The philosopher was his closest friend and tutor. However, once you go for Aristotle, you’ll surely wish to write about Plato! Because Ancient Greek philosophers were interested in the intellectual achievement of previous thinkers. If you struggle with academic writing on this topic you can send your “write my essays for me” request to trustworthy services like CustomWritings to help you with your Ancient Greece papers. They studied the works of philosophers who lived before them and would base their ideas in this way. Imagine analyzing Alexander’s diplomatic skills and never acknowledging Aristotle’s impact! 

The same section implies assuming that one historical person can have many topics. For Aristotle, it can be a set of different essays on politics, poetics, and ethics. For Alexander the Great, it can be military, culture, and personal relations. Merging these topics into one will make your essay inconsistent. The idea is to concretize your topic as much as possible. Only then you’ll be able to create a certain thesis statement. Try devoting a separate paragraph for each of the themes at least. Writing about Aristotle’s legacy, it can be “politics,” “ethics,” and “rhetoric.” And the third body paragraph will demonstrate the connection between the first two.

On the other hand, writing about plays and myths isn’t the same. For these topics, you can prefer to focus on the work itself. Each play or myth is complex enough to prepare a dissertation on them. There’s always a word for characters’ actions, words, motifs, and traumas. Even if it’s something about horrific things like violence or slavery. A literature analysis here has to be insightful. One paragraph can be for character development. The second one will be on the moral implications of the story. And only the third one will allow you to criticize the plot in general. However, it’s highly unlikely that you ever will. You can also refer to contemporary works which refer to Ancient Greece. Be it Game of Thrones or The Secret History – you’ve got a lot to choose from!