Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Lots of age-old Egyptian symbols are depicted throughout Ancient Egypt.

The symbols were used for personal, magical and Religious ritual purposes.

Below are some of the most important Egyptian symbols and their meaning.

Winged Solar Disk

Ancient Egyptian Symbols

The Winged Solar Disk is actually a representation of the shape taken on by the God Horus in the struggle with Seth in which the God Thoth turned Horus into a Sundisk with outstretched wings.

Horus is joined by the Goddesses Uazet and Nekhbet in Snake form at each side.


Ancient Egyptian Symbols

The Egyptian Double Crown, consists of the white crown, and red crowns of Lower and upper Egypt used in concert to symbolise a unified Egypt.

Menes, the founding father of the very first Egyptian Dynasty, was the first person to use the crown.

The Ankh

Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Regarded as a sign of life that is eternal, its also used additionally to stand for the action of conception.

Early Egyptians even used Ankhs as amulets for power and good health. 


Ancient Egyptian Symbols

The Ka was understood as the “spirit” or “soul” by Ancient Egyptians, and was created with the birth of each person. 

It was  also believed that Ka continued to live after a person’s physical death.  


Ancient Egyptian Symbols

The Ba is actually equivalent to an individual’s identity, and was understood to depart the body at death.

It would leave the body at the time of death, roaming the land during the day, and going back to the Tomb at nighttime.


Ancient Egyptian Symbols
Maat is a force that represents truth, justice, morality, and balance. 


Ancient Egyptian Symbols

An obelisk is a tall four sided monument which finishes in a pyramid shape at the top.

It was a symbol of a ray of the sun-disk turned into Stone. 

Eye of Horus

Ancient Egyptian Symbols


The right eye of the Egyptian God Horus is associated with the Sun Ra, and it symbolizes higher Consciousness, healing and protection.


Ancient Egyptian Symbols
The Egyptians regarded the Dung Beetle as a symbol of creation and equated it with the Sun. 

It appears as if the Ancient Egyptians mistakenly thought that the dung buried by the Beetle was responsbile for the birth of new dung Beetles from beneath the ground when they infact came from the egg sack buried by the female Beetle.

Egyptian mythology is quite complex and has influenced other disciplines like Alchemy and Masonry, and the Documentary Immortal Egypt is a fascinating journey into the realm of Egyptian Gods, symbolism and mythology.



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