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Based on the History Channel Series Ancient Aliens, Ancient Aliens Debunked puts forward some very convincing arguments against the Ancient Astronaut Theory as its reflected in the TV show Ancient Aliens.

The points raised in Ancient Aliens Debunked on the Historical errors and distortions on Ancient Aliens are worthy of consideration to any critical person looking at the subject of Ancient Astronauts and how its treated in Ancient Aliens.

Megalithic Strucutures In Ancient Aliens

The Archaeological criticism of the conclusions made in Ancient Aliens regarding Ancient sites like Puma PunkuThe Pyramids and Baalbek is interesting.

In short, its demonstrated that Ancient Aliens supports the Ancient Astronaut Theory on shaky grounds that rely on ignoring the current Archaeological evidence excavated at these sites in a manner that amounts to a distortion of the facts.

For instance, whilst Ancient Aliens claims that the Stones used to construct Puma Punku were made of Diorite and not Sandstone, Archaeological evidence has established that the Site was built using Sandstone.

Ancient Aliens Debunked Puma Punku

In addition, the tools required to mould the Sandstone were also excavated on Site and there is therefore no foundation to the suggesting made in Ancient Aliens that Puma Punku was made of Granite and Diorite stone which must have come from elsewhere and would have been difficult to shape.

The same also goes for what Ancient Aliens says about the Pyramids of Giza which were made from Granite, a Stone which the Egyptians already had the technology to cut and shape.

With regard to Baalbek, the space platform claimed by Ancient Aliens is not actually part of the foundation of the structure, but was built as a retaining wall to prevent erosion, a standard Roman technique.

Ancient Artifacts In Ancient Aliens

To me this was the most compelling part of Ancient Aliens Debunked.

King Pakal’s Tomb, the NAZCA Lines and Out Of Place Artifacts shown on Ancient Aliens in support of the Ancient Astronaut Theory are convincingly explained in Ancient Aliens Debunked.

The idea in Ancient Aliens that Pakal’s Tomb depicts a Rocket Ship essentially requires one to ignore and adopt a radical unsupported view of the accepted meaning of the Mayan Mythos symbols used on the Tomb which essentially depict the Mayan Tree of Creation and the Serpent Symbols showing the transition of the King from the realm of the living to the Dead in the Underworld.

There is no need to give these symbols any other meaning other than their ordinary meaning in Mayan Mythology other than to give effect to a visual interpretation of the Tomb that is consistent with our own Space-Age culture which is totally divorced from the Cultural context in which the symbols are ordinarily used which is what is done in Ancient Aiens.

Similarly, the NAZCA lines are not the result of a mountain top being cut off as claimed in Ancient Aliens but were instead drawn using simple tools on a natural plateau to depict Gods that were found on the Pottery used by the Native inhabitants of Peru.

The soil in the area is easily disturbed by human interference to reveal a white layer just underneath which once the lines were drawn remained undisturbed by the natural environment in one of the driest parts of the world ensuring the patterns would survive as long as they have to this day.

Similarly, the Tolima Fighter Jets referred to in Ancient Aliens are actually part of a larger collection stylistically depicting animals and other creatures encountered and revered by the people in the natural environment.

Ancient Aliens Debunked Tolima Jets

Its therefore misleading for Ancient Aliens to present the Tolima Fighter Jets in isolation without showing the entire collection which would put them in context.

Ancient Texts In Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens Debunked also criticises Ancient Aliens for its heavy reliance on the misleading Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis of Zechariah Sitchin which is based on a mistranslation of the Sumerian Texts.

For instance, there is apparently no mention of Gold in the Sumerian Record, and Sitchin is accused of misinterpreting the term Anunnaki which actually only means the Princely Seeds or Children of Anu and not those who from heaven came as Sitchin has argued.

The same goes for the misinterpretation of the Ramayana and Mahabarata epics used in Ancient Aliens as evidence of an Ancient Nuclear War between Supernatural Gods with flying Vimanas in the Indus Valley Region under Anunnaki Godess Inanna.

Much like the misinterpretation of Pakal’s Tomb according to the Cultural values of the Space-Age, the interpretation of Eziekel’s wheel in Ancient Aliens as a UFO is also criticised as a fantastical interpretation that is not actually supported by the text.

Ancient Aliens Debunked Ezekiel's Wheel


In the final analysis Ancient Aliens Debunked is a sincere and necessary challenge to the ideas presented in the TV Show Ancient Aliens which have entered the mainstream consciousness.

By critcising Ancient Aliens effectively, it also casts doubt on the Ancient hypothesis, and its highly recommended that you watch the documentary yourself and draw your own conclusions about the TV Show Ancient Aliens and the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis it supports.

Check out Ancient Aliens Debunked the Website here for the full arguments, and draw your own conclusions.

Ancient Aliens Debunked