Top Ten Ancient Alien Memes

Ancient Alien Memes

Top Ten Ancient Alien & UFO Memes

The Ancient Astronaut Debate and UFOs are a Pop Culture staple.

Its therefore no suprise that the subject has inspired a lot of memes over the years.

Giorgio Tsoukalos, host of the History Channel Show Ancient Aliens seems to inspire the funniest memes.

We end off the year on a lighter note with this gallery of the 10 Best Memes I could find on Ancient Aliens and UFOs.

Happy holidays.



If you’re up for some Ancient Alien research this holiday season, then the Ancient Astronaut Archive YouTube Channel has the kind of high quality videos you’re looking for.

The Viper TV and DDTV Channels also pack a punch. 

You can also browse through our Alternative History Archive with the help of our resident Record Keeper Imhotep who can help you find resources on the site.




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