Ancient Alchemy Symbols

Ancient Alchemy Symbols

Alchemy has its origins in the Hermetic Schools of Ancient Egypt, and it arrived in Europe through the Greeks with Alchemical symbols being used in Chemistry well into the 18th century.

Below are some important Alchemical symbols and their meanings:

The Basic Alchemical Elements which make up The Spirit are Air, Water, Earth and Fire represented as follows:

Alchemy Ancient Symbols

In addition, Alchemy regonises 7 Basic Metals which are Copper, Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Silver and Tin each with its own qualities and an Astrological Planetary association.

Copper- This is associated with the Planet Venus, and its symbol embodies qualities like love, beauty and artistic creativity.

Alchemy metal symbols Alchemy Ancient Symbols Copper Venus

Gold-Represented the perfection of matter at all levels both material and spiritual.

 In Astrology, Gold is represented by the Sun.

Alchemy metal symbols Alchemy Ancient Symbols Gold Sun

Iron- The Planet Mars is the Astrological counterpart for Iron, and it denotes male energy characterised by strong will and physical strength.

Alchemy metal symbols Alchemy Ancient Symbols Iron Mars

Lead- The oldest Alchemical metal, and represented by the Planet Saturn, Lead is regarded as Dark matter in Alchemy and is used for more Occult Alchemical processes.

Alchemy metal symbols Alchemy Ancient Symbols Lead Saturn

Mercury-Since Mercury is the only Metal that remains liquid at room temperature, Alchemists have been enamoured by it and used it as a base essence to fuse it with many other metals.

The Planet Mercury is the the symbol used for this metal in Astrology.

Alchemy metal symbols Alchemy Ancient Symbols Mercury

The metal Silver is represented by the Moon, and as an embodiment of the feminine it reflects fertility and intuition.

Alchemy metal symbols Alchemy Ancient Silver Moon

Tin is used to symbolise higher Consciousness as well as generosity and opportunity, and the Planet Jupiter is the Astrological equivalent of this Alchemical metal.

Alchemy metal symbols Alchemy Ancient Jupiter Tin

Hermetics is quite an involved Ancient Science, and in addition to the above, there are many other Alchemical signs representing important elements and concepts like Diamond, Quintessence and Salt.

In the final analysis, despite its mystical origins, Alchemy has helped paved way for the modern Science of Chemistry.

For more on the Science of Alchemy, check out the Documentary, Forbidden Knowledge of Alchemy in Ancient Egypt.


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