African Pyramids Built Outside Egypt

African Pyramids Built Outside Egypt

Besides the Pyramids of Giza, other African Pyramids built outside Egypt can be found at Meroe in Sudan, Nsude in Nigeria and Benin.

In this entry, we’ll look at some of these lesser-known African pyramids and why they were built outside of Egypt. 

The Pyramids of Meroe

The Pyramids of Meroe located in Sudan, about 200km north of the capital Khartoum are some of the most impressive African Pyramids built outside Egypt.

The Meroe Pyramids were built by the Kingdom of Kush, which was a powerful kingdom in Northeast Africa from around 1050 BCE to 350 CE. The pyramids at Meroe were built between 300 BCE and 100 CE, and there are over 50 of them!

The Kingdom of Kush was originally centered around the city of Napata, which is now in modern-day Sudan. Around 750 BCE, they conquered Egypt and ruled it for almost a century. The Kushites were greatly influenced by Egyptian culture, and this is reflected in their architecture.

The Pyramids at Meroe are smaller than the ones in Egypt, but they are still impressive structures. They were built with sandstone and limestone, and some of them have beautiful reliefs on their walls.

If you’re interested in ancient history and architecture, then the Pyramids of Meroe are definitely worth a visit!

The Pyramids of Nsude

Next on our list of African Pyramids built outside Egypt are the Nsude Pyramids.

The Nsude Pyramids were built by the Nsude people and may be part of the lost African Civilization of Igbo-Ukwu with a dating of at least 2,000 years old.

The Pyramids of Nsude are some of the most well-preserved African pyramids built outside of Egypt. They are made from red clay and stand about 30 feet tall. The largest pyramid is located in the center of the complex and is surrounded by three smaller pyramids.

Visitors to the site can climb to the top of the largest pyramid for a stunning view of the surrounding countryside. The Pyramids of Nsude are a fascinating glimpse into Africa’s ancient past and a must-see for anyone visiting Nigeria.

The Pyramids Of Benin

Last but not least on our list of African Pyramids built outside Egypt are the Pyramids of Benin which are a series of pyramidal structures located in what is now the modern country of Benin, in West Africa.

These pyramids were built by the Edo people, who were the original inhabitants of the area, and date back to the 13th century.

The Pyramids of Benin are made up of a total of 18 individual pyramids, which are all located within an area known as the Royal Court. The largest and most notable pyramid is known as the Oba’s Palace, which is thought to have been built for the ruler of the Edo people.

The Pyramids of Benin are significant not only for their architectural value, but also for their historical and cultural value. They provide insight into the lives and culture of the Edo people, who are no longer present in modern-day Benin.


African Pyramids built outside of Egypt are a remarkable testament to the architectural prowess of ancient African cultures and the influence they had on each other.

While African Pyramids built outside Egypt may not be as well known or widely studied as their Egyptian counterparts, these monuments offer valuable insight into the history and culture of Ancient Africa.