Black Africans As The First Native Americans

First Americans: African People Of The Americas

There has been significant exploration of the question whether Black Africans were the first Americans and evidence suggests that there are grounds to contend that the first people of the first Native Americans were Black Africans from Africa and the Pacific.

Presently, it is thought that the Native American Indians encountered by the first Europeans in the Americas before the conquest of Native American Nations were the first people of the Americas.

However, there are also alternatives argument which suggest that Black Africans were actually the first Native Americans not Indians Americans.

If it is correct that the first Native Americans were Black Africans, it means that the presence of  Black African people in the Americas predates the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

The Arguments Why Black Africans May Be The First Native Americans

The similarities between Olmec and West African civilization includes racial, religious and pyramid building similarities, as well as similarities in alphabets and scripts which also extends to traces of a common spoken Mende language.

Its been suggested that the African Sailors who became the first people of the Americas crossed the Atlantic to trade with the Americas during which time they also reached the Pacific Islands, sailing as far as modern day California. 

Olmec Black African American Aborigines

In The Black Native Americans, Dr Clyde Winters refers to the Black Africans who first inhabited the Americas as the Black Anatomically modern humans have been found in the Americas for over 100,000 years. Evidence of these Paleoamericans have been found in Brazil and California.

So far, the research conducted indicates that the Ancient Americans represent two populations, Paleoamericans who were phenotypically African, Australian or Melanesian and a Mongoloid population that appears to have arrived in the Americas after 6000 BC.

In addition, according to Paleobiologist James Critters evidence suggests that Black people were the first Native Americans because the oldest American skeletons resemble Black Africans which may be explained by the fact that the oldest American Skeletons are from the period of African settlement dating back 100 000 years, whilst Modern Native American Skeletons date back to the Mongoloid Population that arrived circa 6000 BC.

The argument that Black Africans were the first Native Americans is based on the Thoery that first Aboriginal Austrtalian Paleoamericans settled South America between 130-25000 years ago.

A second Paleoamerican migration led to Black African Khoisan Grimladi people becoming the first settlers of North America, Brazil and Mexico between 22 000-10 000 years ago. 

Given the fact that the earliest dates for habitation of the American continent occur below Canada in South America is highly suggestive of the fact that the earliest settlers on the American continents came from Africa before the Ice melted at the Beringa Straits.

Similar views to those held by Dr Clyde Winters are also echoed by Dr David Imhotep who has the distinction of the holding the world’s first Phd In Ancient African History in his well researched work, The First Americans Were Africans.


Whilst Sitchin’s and Hancock’s Theories are disputed and may not necessarily support the theory that B , its interesting to observe that they acknowledge the African presence in Ancient America by linking it to Egypt and Nubia.

In 1975 the skeleton of a woman nicknamed Luthia dating back 11, 500 years to the Upper Paleolithic period was discovered in Brazil and has been used as evidence of the theory that B.

Luthia is regarded as the oldest inhabitant of Brazil and some  archaeologists believe that she is evidence of the first wave of Pacific Aborigine immigrants who came to South America by sailing on the Pacific.

Luthia’s face was reconstructed and the conclusion drawn is that she was of Pacific Aborigine descent, suggesting that the first Native Americans may have been Black Pacific Aborigines before they were replaced by Mongoloid Native American Indians who arrived later on the Continent and made them extinct through violent conquest and intermarriage.

Olmec Black African American Aborigines


Its likely that the first Native Americans were Black because of the Archaeological evidence presented which suggests that Black people were the first people of the Americas.

Thus by the time Columbus arrived in the Americas, the American Continent was already known to and inhabited by Aboriginal Black people from Africa and the Pacific.

As a result,  gradually intermarriage between the first Black African people of the Americas and the Mongoloid population which arrived circa 6000 BC resulted in the mixed Native American Indians that dominated the Americas prior to the arrival of Europeans in the Americas.

In the final analysis, the question of whether Black Africans were the first Native Americans remains contested but the evidence in support of the Theory that Black people were the first Americans continues to grow and merits consideration. 



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