5 Ancient Aboriginal Symbols

goanna ancient aboriginal symbbols

Ancient Aboriginal symbols have been used by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia to depict their experiences as well as to transmit the knowledge and understanding gained to succeeding generations.

Below is a list of 5 important Aboriginal symbols including their intended function and meaning.

Emu Symbol

emu aboriginal symbol

The Emu is one of Australia’s most prized Birds, and played an important part in Aboriginal life providing food, medicine and decorative feathers.

The Emu symbol is also drawn from an aerial point of view and is used to tell stories about the Emu such as its movements across the Bush.

Campsite Symbol

campsite aboriginal symbol
Since Aborigines were largely Nomadic peoples, fertile areas suitable for extended periods of camping were important because they provided nourishment and a break from the usual Nomadic existence.

As such, the Aborigines also developed iconography depicting Campsites which marked out fertile zones capable of providing nourishment for extended periods of time. 

 Kangaroo Tracks

aboriginal symbol kangaroo tracks

It should also be no suprise that the Aborigines have a symbol depicting Kangaroos.

Their tracking iconography includes symbols for Kangaroo tracks that use the movement of the Kangaroo’s tail on the sand as a reference.

The Aborigines hunt the Kangaroo for food, and its safe to say that the destiny of the Aborigine and the Kangaroo are inseparable.

The Budgerigar Symbol

budgerigar aboriginal symbol

Australian Aborigines use iconography to record their travels from an aerial point of view. 

The signs are meant to represent the travels of a particular Aborigine nation using icons that symbolise entities that inhabit the Aboriginal Universe.

These entities include elements of the environment such as the Budgerigar Bird which is respected by the Aborigines because the Bird helps them find food and water.

The symbol tells the story of the Bird’s journey in search of food and water, which the Aborigines use as a map to find their own food and water.

Hunting Symbol

Aboriginal Hunting Symbol

Since hunting formed a significant part of Aborigine life, its no surpise that Aborigine Art also includes Hunting scenes and iconography which depicts Aborigine men hunting using boomerangs and spears.

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