Ancient Civilizations


Mars Anomalies

The Mars Anomalies

Mars Anomalies Some anomalies have been discovered on Mars since the successful fly by of the Mariner 4 Spacecraft a little over 50 years…

Tarot Ancient Symbols

Ancient Tarot Symbols

The Tarot is actually a deck of cards originating in 15th Century Europe, particlarly in Italy as well as France. In the 18th Century…

Black History


Soviet Union Socialist Collectivism

The Soviet Communist Revolution

The Soviet Collectivist Experiment: ‘Workers Of The World Unite’ The Soviet Union can be described as the ‘Pathfinder’ for Communism. Starting with Lenin’s Bolshevik…

Yasuke the Black Samurai

Yasuke: The Black Samurai

Yasuke the Black Samurai was the first Black Samurai and non-Japanese member of the revered Ancient Samurai Order, and the only African to ever…