Video: George Floyd’s Death Sparks Global Conversation

Ever since the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minnesota Police Officer, Anti-Racism and Anti-Police Brutality Protests have erupted around the world.

His death has triggered a long overdue global discussion on Racism covering History, Politics, Business and Culture.

 In this episode of the Daily Social Distancing Show, titled the ‘Cancelation Of Racism’, Trevor Noah observes how American TV is getting ‘woke’ as it becomes more attuned to the emdedded Racism and cultural bias in popular Films like Gone With The Wind.

Interestingly, even the Dictionary will now update its definition of Racism to expand it from a simple discrimination based on Skin Colour to incorporate a reference to Structural Racism based on Social, Political and Economic discrimination.

In addition, Statues and other symbols of Slavery and the Colonial era have now also been publicly defaced and uprooted in Public Protests, as George Floyd’s death continues to reveal its full impact around the world.