When we say we’re living in a global economy, its true but we’re also living in global crises and global viruses. Because we travel around the world. So if there’s a problem in Africa and you don’t help the African person, its going to come right to your door step.

(Angelique Kidjo)


How ironic this is, five years ago Angelique Kidjo, the famous singer and song writer spoke to Al Jzeera on the role of media in negatively potraying Africa and its people. Today the as the world currently battles the Coronavirus pandemic her words seem prophetic.

In this poignant 25 minute interview with Al Jazeera, Kidjo eloquently advocates for not just Africa but its rich culture and positive contributions it has made and continues to make within the global economy. She does not deny the issues and problems of Africa in itself, how we can be our own worst enemy.

However she passionately voices some of the evils powerful countries have and still actively engage in for the benefit of a few elites, whilst impoverishing the African continent and people.  These very same people in the same breath  superfically deal with African problems by either ignoring and wishing the problems  to either go away or be dealt with exclusively by africa itself whilst still exercising their muscle of power and control.

Watch and enjoy, 25 minutes well spent.